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Internet Archive Historic Bee Books
« on: November 01, 2009, 12:13:49 PM »
W. C. Harbison
Bees and Bee-keeping: A Plain, Practical Work; Resulting from Years of Experience and Close ... (1860)

Hough, William S
Specieications [sic] and instructions for constructing and working Hough's Soper improved bee-hive [microform] : also, the practical working of fifty-three propositions clearly elucidated; with a number of valuable recipes for the management of bees; likewise specification and working of Hough's Eureka fumigator (1870)

Fran├žois Huber
Observations on the natural history of bees (1841)

Hutson, Ray
The races of honey bees and their characteristics

Jones, Henry
A radical cure for the swarming habit of bees (1910)

Kelsey, William R.
The apiarian's guide, being a practical treatise on the culture and management of bees (1847)

Lyon, D. Everett
How to keep bees for profit (1910)

Miller, Arthur C.
How to keep bees (1911)

Miller, C. C.
Forty years among the bees

Miller, C. C.
Fifty years among the bees (1920)

John Milton
The practical bee-keeper; or, Concise and plain instructions for the management of bees and hives (1843)

Munn, William Augustus
A Description of the Bar-and-Frame-Hive: With an Abstract of Wildman's Complete Guide for the Management of Bees Throughout the Year

Neighbour, Alfred
The apiary; or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture: being a familiar account of the habits of bees, and the most improved methods of management, with full directions, adapted for the cottager, farmer, or scientific apiarian (1866)

A. Pettigrew
The handy book of bees (1875)

Phillips, Everett Franklin
The rearing of queen bees  (1905)

Pellett, Frank C.
Wintering bees in Iowa (1914)

Pettit, Morley
The wintering of bees in Ontario (1917)

Pixell-Goodrich, Helen L. M
Determination of age in honey-bees (1920)

Jager, Francis
Management of bees; care of bees in spring (1919)

Quinby, M. (Moses)
Mysteries of bee-keeping explained : being a complete analysis of the whole subject; consisting of the natural history of bees, directions for obtaining the greatest amount of pure surplus honey with the least possible expense, remedies for losses given, and the science of "luck" fully illustrated--the result of more than twenty years' experience in extensive apiaries (1858)

Root, E. R.
Facts about bees; (1907)

Root, A. I. (Amos Ives)
The ABC and XYZ of bee culture; a cyclopedia of everything pertaining to the care of the honey-bee; bees, hives, honey, implements, honey-plants, etc. .. (1910)

Edward Scudamore
Artificial swarms. A treatise on the production of early swarms of bees by artificial means (1848)

Simmins, Samuel
A modern bee-farm and its economic management : showing how bees may be cultivated as a means of livelihood (1893)

Simmins, Samuel
The successful honey producer, concise practical information that will place the painstaking bee-owner in the true grove for obtaining a constant income from bees

Tibbets, Albert B
The first book of bees (c1952)

Webster, W. B
The book of bee-keeping; a practical and complete manual on the proper management of bees (1905)

Weeks, John M
A manual: or, An easy method of managing bees in the most profitable manner to their owner: with infallible rules to prevent their destruction by the moth (1854)

William White
A complete guide to the mystery and management of bees (1852)

Wood, J. G
Bees; their habits, management and treatment (1860)

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