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Author Topic: Tryhing to follow how Moots built his bucket bee vacuum need help  (Read 553 times)

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Hi I am trying to follow how Moots built his bucket bee vacuum. I have a couple of questions.  I am assuming that maybe someone out there has done this and maybe even Moots can reply and help me out here.

 I think is he using three buckets?  1. one for the vacuum head ( with the 5" cut off the bottom)  2.
One that has many small holes in the bottom that fits into the bucket with the vacuum head that has been cut the 5" to fit it.  3. And one that is the bee chamber that has the receiving end (hose) fixed on the lid and the sides cutout in intervals and screened.

My questions are:

Q. Are there holes in the bottom of the bucket that is number 3?  or is the bottom  cut out in any way -- to pull the bees into that chamber?

Q. IS the screen in bucket 3 attached on the "inside"?  OR is it fixed on the outside somehow?

Thanks for you help on this.  Marrinhttp://www.beemaster.com/forum/Smileys/beemaster/shocked.png

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Re: Tryhing to follow how Moots built his bucket bee vacuum need help
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2015, 01:56:12 PM »
I just built one following his post. From what I could tell from his this is what I did.
 bucket #3 the catch bucket I cut about a 5" hole in the bottom and screened it just like the holes in sides of the bucket.

I believed Moot used rivets on his screen,  I did not have the tools to do that so I hot glued the screen inside the bucket.  on the bottom of the bucket I cut a piece of screen that covered the whole inside bottom of the bucket and then did the same for the piece that covered the sides.( cut a piece that went all the way around the inside of the bucket.)   

Just a little hind sight from mine.  Use the #8 hardware cloth and not window screen ( its not rigid enough) and the hot glue works but it was a pain, when I make my extra catch bucket I will buy the tools to do the rivets.  Hope this helps and hopefully we can get Moot to chime in.
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