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Author Topic: Another Visit from CWBees (Chris from Warren, NJ) Tomorrow!!!  (Read 689 times)

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a short disclaimer that is for you addictive types... Ventrilo chat members meet and greet each other an average of 4 times more than standard forum members. It is because we grow to know and expand our own families out by thousands of miles because we have chatted nightly across the world with each other, knowing everyone by the slightest unique keyup of their mics to the total uniqueness in their speech.

Now.... CWBees and I have met 4 times (as of tomorrow) first at the Battleship New Jersey with the FIRST EASTERN REGIONAL BEEMASTER GATHERING with the Buzzbee Family, Dallas and Tracey and me. Then my neighbor CWBees (okay about an hour away) met me down in Mississippi at the Uncle Bud Watts Souther Regional Beemaster Gathering with an all-star line up (see the videos at the top of the coffeehouse) with Uncle Bud, Dallas, Understudy, Alan Buckley, SCBees (Steve), JP, CWBees and me. If I missed anyone - yell at me will ya please, this old braindead zombie has seen better days.

Then Chris drove down a month and a half ago to visit us, played Wii Tennis with me and Tracey, had a great dinner of ribeye steaks, beer batter oysters, and something else that I know filled us all up - over the top.

Now, we have bought a WEBER super-duper nice barbcue grill and also the latest Wii Tennis called Virtua (no "L") Tennis which is brand new and Tiger Woods 10 golf, both using something called Motion Sensor devices which GREATLY INCREASE the sensitivity of the original Wii controllers - the Tennis is both in person and ONLINE play, and the graphics are incredible as is the game play.

The food is pretty darned special too: Filet Minion and barbcued topneck clams, homemade coleslaw and grill veggies - I'm hoping to broadcast the event on www.livestream.com/beemaster - all you need to do is click that link and if we are on, it will play video and audio of us doing whatever it is we are doing!!!!

I'll post a link if we are broadcasting on livestream - by the way, livestream is the old MOGULUS cam site, they changed their name, but same powerful features and ease of use. They even have a very professional upgrade called Procaster that really is powerful and allows you to share your live videogaming, surfing and picture in a picture cam of you while doing those other things!

So, Chris is driving that hour tomorrow (Sunday) and should be at my place around 1pm EST. I'll be in touch with more info either way. There are a few members within the same drivig range, but Chris has grown to be a good friend and regular on our Ventrilo voice chat.

For NEW MEMBERS who STILL HAVE NOT TRIED VENTRILO - There are posts EVERYWHERE telling you about how easy it is to be LIVE and ask other members in voice or text (no matter what connection speed you have) and look in the VOICE CHAT FORUM for total details on the simple 5 minute setup you need to do to join in with the nightly gang.

KathyP has joined us lately, she feels right at home and is a wonderful addition to the group. I'm hoping that more ladies (although wives are active, it is usually in the background when the husbands are trying to talk - lol) but they surely are always welcome to join in and give their opinions on EVERY SUBJECT we talk - and trust me, we do talk bees, but the majority of the night we just hang around and talk about everything under the sun. It is family and it is wonderful.

So, safe driving Chris, see you about 1pm, We'll be eating like kings and playing Wii sports like pros and it will be a great day of beer and videogames (sounds like a college frat party to me) but it sure works for me :)

Those who couldn't make it to Bud's Souther Gathering in Macon Mississippi are numerous: and I know I'll forget a few but, here is the others in the Ventrilo nightly list who would have loved to have been there with us:

Buzzbee, Superstacker, Nate, Mustbenuts, , Mick, Jim134, TWT, Irwin, Geoff (who is already planning the 2010 Bud 2 adventure from Australia), and many more who are not as regular but visit us when they can. It is over 15 people steady there when they can be and most every night. It is a friendship and social group unlike any you could ever imagine if you did not attend and take the time to meet these fine people.

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Re: Another Visit from CWBees (Chris from Warren, NJ) Tomorrow!!!
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Who is Erwin :-D
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