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Author Topic: Hmmm body language / psychoanalysis crap n stuff advice wanted. BY YOU!  (Read 4444 times)

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I used to ask 6 questions of prospective employees.  I had a high retention rate, good atmosphere, and able employees.
The the company decided they wanted every manager to use the same assessment system or predetermined questions and a checklist of the response, at the end we added up points and had to hire those with the highest ranking.
Once I started using the standardized hiring system I ended up with irritable employees, low retention, and backbitting galore.

My questions were:
1. What do you think I want in an employee?  [Honesty and self assessment}
2. What part of the store/restuarant would you feel more comfortable working in? {introvert/extrovert}
3. What are you non-scholastic (extra-curricular) school/volunteer activities? [Iniciative]
4. Tell me something interesting about yourself!  {Openness/communication skills}
5. I would give them a change making problem for them to solve (You'd be surprized how many people can't make change these days).  {Error rate}
6. Do you  have any friends that work here, and if so, did they recommend you apply?  [People don't recommend slackers, even if friends, to be co-workers]
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I can seriously relate to Question 2, introvert/extrovert. I am an introvert. I do very very well placed in a quiet, repetitive, mundane setting that would drive most people crazy with boredom. I can collate paperwork for hours on end. I can sit/stand at a drill press putting pieces into a jig and working thousands of the same little parts... and be happy. But, put me at a front desk - switchboard, customer service, filing etc. all at the same time - multitasking, and I get the rusty-halo syndrome. (I have a pleasant face, demeanor and good phone etiquette/voice, and so have been mis-placed by many an employer in the past.)

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Re: Hmmm body language / psychoanalysis crap n stuff advice wanted.
« Reply #22 on: July 06, 2009, 07:23:04 AM »

Now what I am getting at is, thanks to the folks here and on ventrillo, I was able to get myself out of a hole and, despite being the wrong side of 40 and very nervous, reinvent and, reinvigorate myself. Sometimes its good to have the opinions and advice of strangers that have no interest in the outcome of the deal.

Im no good at BS online, Im just me. What you see is what you get. The help from you folks has enabled me to believe in myself in a manner which I have not for some time. Aussie men in general have difficulty expressing themselves and accepting compliments, we are no good at self promotion, we dont sell ourselves like men from other countries in job interview situations, often to our detriment.

Your combined enthusiasm and support of me is partly responsible for this new opportunity and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. There are too many of you to mention for fear of leaving someone out but you all know who you are.


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Mick that is great news, congratulations! May this be a new and exciting chapter in your life. :)

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Hey, Mick, good for you!

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Happy for you Mick. Hope all goes well with the new job

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that sure does sound like a winner to me.

Did you have to adjust the head band on your bee veil, I would have had to since my head would have swelled just a little :-D

just kidding you and glad things worked out for the good.

those hot bees will have you steppin and a fetchin like your heads on fire and your @ss is a catchin!!!

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Kinda makes me wonder what what kinda fruit loops they usually interview ;)

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Very happy for you, best of luck with the new position. You deserve it Mick!

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