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Author Topic: This was a smooth cutout, after my last couple anything would seem smooth :)  (Read 844 times)

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This cutout was still work, but a pleasant surprise.  I expected to find a huge colony, but instead found a pretty new one.  I would have liked a large colony, but with the heat was happy that it wasn't gonna stretch long. 

I am not a huge fan of heights (even though I do rapelling now and then for work).  Even though our "scaffold" was only about 6-8 feet high, it made me slow.  LOL.  Getting in was not too difficult, but not easy either.  It all worked out in the end. 

You all ain't kiddin' when you talk about how difficult new comb is.  Add the heat we had today, and you might as well try eating soup with a fork.  It was painstaking.  There wasn't much to start with, and unfortunately there was a bit less aftwards. 

I will say that I am going to have to sink some $ into a better vac system.  These hot days don't work well with what I use now.  I hope the bees recover.  I got them into the box asap, but it was bloody hot today.

These pics were with my cell.  I forgot my memory card for my camera.  They aren't great pics, but you can see what was going on.  My last pic is of a job I am probably going to do next Mon.  It is an old house.  The bees are coming and going from the column next to the window.  As you can see they were piled up there this morning.  It is a tall 2 1/2 story house currently used as an apartment building.  The landlords are decent people, but really trying to get my price down.  I am working with them, and they are going to reassemble everything.  I am just nervous about how far these bees have built.  It looks like they might be in the soffit too.  I told them I would try to keep the price down, but I don't want the job that bad.  I told them to plan on full price, and hope for the best.   

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I love it when they are easy too.  I use a bucket to suck my bee up in to and then I dump the bucket into a hive body with a few foundation frames and a few of their real comb rubberbanded to the frames.  Every 10 min or so I will empty the bucket and it works really well and it doesn't kill the bees.  Its Fun to watch and see when the bees start to fan their butts in the air to tell me "you did it, you brought us our queen, thank you" Just a thought id throw out there.  My buckets are free just a 5 gal. bucket with 3 holes drilled into it.  But I like your scaffolding.  It gets the job done eh?
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Congratulations Joker1656 on a smooth cut out


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Pretty good pictures for a cell phone.  It's amazing the quality of camera that can be packed into a cell phone these days.