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Author Topic: Organ Donation - a remarkable story.  (Read 821 times)

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Organ Donation - a remarkable story.
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:02:23 AM »
Robert Graham was a 55 year old school teacher and avid triathlete who was riding along a bike path and veered off the track to pass some school girls walking to school.

He had ridden along this path dozens of times. He rode onto what he thought was the grass shoulder. Instead his front wheel fell into a culvert that was missing its cover. Robert broke his neck in two places.

In hospital, he was placed on a ventilator and fell into a coma. A day later and total Quadriplegic, Robert emerged wide eyed from his coma to be told by the doctors that he was basically rooted. He might be able to hear and see but thats all buddy. Tears flowed from his now closed eyes, he wasnt able to make a sound.

When Roberts wife Julie was with him later that day, after he had been spoken to and told the extent of his injuries, he managed to mouth the words "I have to go now" It took a long time to get that sentence out, many minutes,  it was a strong and determined effort.

His brain was very much alive, he was able to make a decision that was almost unique. Robert chose to die and chose to donate his organs. I cant imagine being in the position to be able to say turn the machine off, its time for me to go. Take what you need, I wont be needing my body any more where I am going. Would I have the courage?

Robert was with his mother and his son,  Adam,  held his hand as the ventilator was switched off. Roberts heart beat for 10 minutes before the doctors could declare him dead and take his body through to the organ donation department. Adam said "he had a bloody strong heart, the doctors said it was one of the best hearts they ever saw".

At least 10 people are alive today thanks to the organs that came from Robert.

The question is: "If your loved one was in need of an organ transplant, would you want a donor organ to be available to save their life?".

If the answer is yes, please consider making it known that you wish your organs to be donated after you have keeled over.

If the answer is no, thats fine, but please remember. One day, unknown to you, you might be cold on a slab. In the next room is ICU, there lies broken body of one of your loved ones, say your daughter, your youngest grandchild, who needs an organ transplant to live. An organ from you would save their life.

Would that change your mind?

Organ donors save lives. Please think about it. Discuss it with your children.

I was gunna put all mine on ebay but they wouldnt let me, but hey, Im on the list now.

Im now after your organs! Stay tuned for the Beemaster Organ Donation Society!
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Re: Organ Donation - a remarkable story.
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 10:31:19 AM »
I've been on the list most of my life. And if my organ's can't be used my body is going to be donated to science so maybe some one could learn some thing that may save a life.
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