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Author Topic: Amazing how fast they work  (Read 513 times)

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Amazing how fast they work
« on: June 01, 2009, 08:52:08 AM »
April 11 I caught and hived a swarm.  I inspected the hive yesterday (51 days after being hived).  The girls have filled a deep and medium with brood and honey.  I also had a shallow on there for honey and they have drawn and filled that up.  So I added another shallow onto that hive. 

It is amazing how fast they have filled everything.  Even after we had a weeks worth of rain and lousy weather.  Just before the weather got wet, they only had a couple of frames drawn out in the first super.  So during the wet week, they drew the rest of the frames out, and I don't know were they got there nectar at during this wet time, but they got it from somewhere. 

I think that I can get 2 shallows off of the swarm hive this year pretty easy. :)
David C.