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Author Topic: Beginner update: Issues  (Read 465 times)

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Beginner update: Issues
« on: May 22, 2009, 06:42:40 PM »

I haven't posted since my initial into posts.

Here is where I am so far:

-- I have three colonies up and running.  I started with two packages and one nuc.  This will be week three on Saturday and Sunday.

-- I put my nuc in a standard Lang. hive and the two packages in two separate top-bar hives that I built.

--  I have been feeding non-stop since I installed them per advice of a local beekeeper.

--  They seem to be doing quite well.  The nuc is working on filling out the rest of the frames.  I see no issue here (at least to
      the untrained amateur eye). 

--  The one top-bar hive started out slow it seemed, but has come back like gangbusters.  But there is a problem, the comb it curved
      and I had to cut some out.  Some of the comb was curved so bad it crossed to TWO top bars away.  I was conservative in the
      trimming.  I'm afraid of doing irreversible damage.  I think that I am facing a losing proposition here in trying to correct it.  There
      was a good deal of capped comb and there is larva present.  What is one to do?

--  The second top-bar started out very active and has maintained that activity.  This one looked "textbook".  Nice straight comb with
      no curves. It has comb on 4 bars more than the other, but is more evenly distributed.  Looks great.

Sorry, no pics....I'm not comfortable enough yet to be in there and worrying about getting pictures....maybe next time.

Any opinions on the curved comb in top-bar hive #1?

Oh yeah....no stings.....yet!