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Author Topic: cut out supercedure cell?  (Read 1394 times)

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cut out supercedure cell?
« on: May 16, 2009, 09:02:45 AM »
One of my packages has not really gotten off the ground yet.  I checked two days ago and they have begun to build a supercedure cell (it had an egg in it already).  It is open and maybe 1/3 the length of a completed queen cell.  I have also just received a queen (ordered two - one to requeen my lone surviving hive and the other for a split from that hive).  I can use one of the queens to requeen the 'non-starter' though.  So here are my questions:

1.  Should I requeen the slow hive or let them supercede the queen that came in the package?
2.  If I requeen the slow hive, should I cut out the queen cell or just leave it?
3.  I am planning on using push in cages for my requeening - should the attendants that came with the new queen also go in the push in cage?

Thanks for replies

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Re: cut out supercedure cell?
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2009, 12:00:11 PM »
 Just my thoughts on it.
 1. The slow hive, depends on how strong it is. Is there enough eggs/brood to last through a queen rearing, mating, laying and brood maturing time span to stay alive?
 The first option of course is to leave it alone and hope for the best.
 The second is to put the new queen in there and see which one they prefer (leaving the cell".
 The third is to let them finish and cap it. Then cut it out, introduce a new queen and use the cut out cell for requeening your existing hive or making the split.
 Yes, try to keep the attendant's with the queen, they don't normally live very long anyway.
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