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Author Topic: Front of one hive - distance to the back of the next hive in front of it?  (Read 1044 times)

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How close/far away do I need to put the front of one hive to the back of another? The entrance faces east (prevailing wind is SW for me). i.e.

[ Hive 1 ] ->       ?        [ Hive 2 ] ->

-> indicates the entrance. So, how far should 1 and 2 be separated? (For the bees sake and mine when working on Hive 2).

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mine are about 30 feet.. If you need to put them real close together put them back to back

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I have seen yards with pallets of hives with less than 5 feet between pallets.  People put hives with entrances right next to each other all of the time so I think they could be close without too much trouble.  Of course, more space may be best but space can be at a premium. 

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I would say 3 feet minimum,  but would suggest working from the side of the hive in front.   Obviously more is better, but I don't know your exact circumstances.
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Mine are about 10 feet and I have no problem working them.
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Mine face opposite directions and are touching each other in the winter.  All in two rows of seven:
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3-5 feet apart is fine, here is a pic of some of mine.

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No problem with that.. the girls know which door is theirs.