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Author Topic: Pepper's hatch --100%  (Read 789 times)

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Pepper's hatch --100%
« on: May 09, 2009, 12:09:33 PM »
So, over the night Pepper (our Muscovy duck) has hatched her babies, 13 out of 13.  I guess Sir Drake is really doing a magnificent job.  When I let the chickens out, she came out as fast as she could, ran over and did her boody poop that goes "blache" and is so mucky.  She has not been off the nest for over a day, and wow!!!  That is a profuse expulsion from her body, sorry about the indepth description, but it is necessary to understand these things, smiling.  Yes, some of us know about the duck broody poos, hee, hee.

She is a calm duck.  She always allowed me to gently place my hand under her warm and humid body to feel for any babies coming along.  I was out one week with the date, (just too busy with the obsession with the things in my life sometimes), so I thought for surely that she was sitting on a bunch of bummers.   When I felt under her body yesterday afternoon and felt some warm and moist things, I knew for surely that the babies were coming.  At 3:00 yesterday, there were two that had hatched, I peeked at them and they were still moist from hatch.  Anyways, I am ramblin'.....

I went to her bed and checked on the little ones, all warm cuddled together, looking up at me, like, "you're not my mummy".  I am not, but yet I am, I have cared enough emotionally for these little dudes to make me their mommy.

Pepper went out and went for a great long walk, up the grassy knoll, caught a few flying insects in the air, ate some things on the ground, relished in the crushed corn that I threw to her, humped along with that broody walk, still catching bugs that were flying, and headed then off to do her broody bath.  Ducks love to bath, and she is, on the white parts of her beautiful body, as clear, pure white as the newly driven snow.

She was still bathing by the time I left the chickenyard.  It is very important that she is clean to sit on her brand new babies.  Oh those Muscovy mother ducks, I take my hat off to them.  Enjoy these pictures of babies that are no older than 16 hours.  Have that most wonderful day, to love and live this great life we are ALL loving and sharing, health.  Cindi

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