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Author Topic: Need bee swarm removal (Denton, TX)  (Read 800 times)

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Need bee swarm removal (Denton, TX)
« on: May 01, 2009, 09:51:09 PM »
I just aquired a swarm of bees in one of my front trees.  The hive is the size of a basketball and I'd rather someone come get them that will use them other than having my pest control guy come out and kill the swarm.  Regardless of what happens, I want them out of my tree.  They are only 6-7 feet off the ground, so retreival shouldn't be an issue.

I've heard that swarms are worth money.  I don't want any money, I just want the bees gone.

If you are in the Dallas, TX area and would like a free bee swarm, please give me a call.  I'll be around all weekend.

Marshall Mosty
Denton, TX
940-736-9043 cell