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Author Topic: Hi, ho, hi ho, off again we go  (Read 803 times)

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Hi, ho, hi ho, off again we go
« on: April 17, 2009, 01:05:05 AM »
Well that urge has come.  I have that uncontrollable urge to take that 5 hour road trip to see my Daughter, their Husbands, and my two Grandsons.  I saw them about a month ago (or so), but I can't stand it!!!  I gotta see them NOW....I often wonder how parents can stand it when their children move away and they don't get to see them for extended periods of time, whah.....I can't do that thing.

So, tomorrow morning, bright and early (I anticipate 6:00) we are off to the grand ol' town of Enderby.  A little town.  We will get there about noon, that would entail stopping to eat and moseying around.  We will pick up our Grandsons from their schools, and the fun begins.....The snow has melted up there, the ground has thawed.  My Son-in-Law has advised me that he will be utilizing my skills to prune his rose bushes, oh brother.  My Grandsons have told me that they are going to take me on hikes.  My Daughters both told me we were all heading out on the mountain on their horses for a long horsey ride.  Oh my achin' butt!!!  Haven't been on a long ride for a long time.  Anyone that rides horses will know what I mean about that aching butt!!!  My Son-in-Laws have told me that they are taking us up the mountains quading.  Eeeeeks!!!! And I thought we were heading out for some rest and relaxation, nope.

I have to split myself in half to do all that they want us to do.  All I want to do is be queen for the weekend.  Have my Daughters co-tote to me, bring me tea, breakfast, lunch, cook me dinner, hug me, kiss me, and let me just relax.  Oh dear, ramblin' and dreamin'.  I am going to come home with worn out butt, fingers full of those rose bush kisses that bleed and hurt like the dickens, blisters on my heels, bugs and twigs in my hair -- and I thought this was going to be a very relaxing visit.  Time will tell that tale.  So, if I get a chance, I will be here, visiting with you all, but then, I may not have a minute to spare, I just don't know.  It will be a grand ol' time, and I will be thinking of you all, as we push forward in our journey.  Have that wonderful and most awesome day, life, remember to groove on this life we all love, live and share, and most of all -- great health wishes to us.  Cindi
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Re: Hi, ho, hi ho, off again we go
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 07:48:17 AM »
Sounds like a great visit!! have a good time! :)