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Author Topic: A new Forum...(Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana...Greater Cincinnati Area)  (Read 2296 times)

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Hey its what we all need right?  :-D

Our county lost its inspector because of budget cuts and I wanted to start a forum specifically for our county.  That grew into a Tri-State forum that tackles local discussion for the southwestern Ohio, south eastern Indiana, and northern Kentucky region.  Anyone is, of course welcome, but we are hoping to attract local beekeepers from the above mentioned geographical regions, especially those that participate online but necessarily attend any of the local clubs and association meetings.

Our primary concern is disease control and a place for people to ask questions about their colony health.  Hamilton county has around 150 beekeepers and the surrounding counties have healthy numbers as well, especially Northern Kentucky.  A lot can wrong without and inspector, especially with a lot of new beekeepers coming into the hobby/business.  If other counties/States suffer a similar loss in the region we will be better prepared with at clubs and this forum as a less direct stop gap.  With clubs meeting every two months (or less) there needs to be an addition source of contact.  This is it I think.  We'll see how it goes.

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