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ever try these
« on: April 12, 2009, 09:58:20 AM »
  Three years ago i acquired 5 of the viz hive stands with bottom board, that Dadant sells. I put 2 into service last year. I put one in my yard & gave the other to a friend with a swarm of bees.
  Has any one used them  Whats your opinion of them  I like the elevation from the ground. The bottom has a cone shape with a flat plastic screen in the bottom with a collection drawer on the bottom side.  The stand & bottom are made of hi-impact Resin plastic. In my opinion it has some faults. #1 if you move your hives with a rachett strap on them it will break the plastic rail on the bottom of the bottom board. #2 Due to the cone shape bottom the bees draw burr comb on the bottom of the frames. #3 the drawer slides become cloged with hive debris.