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Author Topic: Ventilation for TBH in warm climate?  (Read 1311 times)

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Ventilation for TBH in warm climate?
« on: April 06, 2009, 02:21:20 PM »
I built a KTBH per Michael Bush's fine instructions and plan to install a package in it Thursday this week.

Where I live, the summer temps can exceed 100 degrees F; high 90s are common, as is high humidity. The hive will be in full sun. I'm concerned about providing proper ventilation so the bees don't cook and the comb doesn't melt. Per MB's instructions, he allows a small gap before the first bar for an entrance and has no other openings (in Nebraska). In my lang last year the bees often covered the front of 2 deeps and bottom (SBB) bearding when the temps were high. I propped the back of the telescoping cover up with a stick (also had top board between box and top), which seemed to help some.

What do you suggest for ventilation? Openings of some sort in the bottom covered with screen (which I could close in the winter)? Some kind of opening in the non-entrance end to provide air flow? Don't worry about it?

I have a couple of days to make modifications before the bees go in.

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