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Re: New Warre hive
« Reply #20 on: December 11, 2010, 04:53:55 PM »
I think it looks very good Mike.

I agree that in the over 50 years since his last book many things have changed.  Construction materials, environmental issues, etc...

One thing  I don't get is how seemingly one dimensional people seem to think Abbe Warre was in the operation of his hive.

For anyone who has actually read the book, cover to cover, like I have and I am sure Mike has, we see that Warre covers the use of frames inside the hive, the use of feeder boxes on the hive, opening the hive more than once or twice a year and methods of harvesting honey.

He does specify his preferences and for the times, his points are not un-warranted.

I find his central design and ideas to still be relevant and with some modifications to take these modern issues into consideration, still a viable and practical hive and methodology.

Is it for everyone? no.  It never was, as no hive/system fits every beekeepers situation.

Again, nice looking setup.   

As to the window placement, The bottom can be turned to place the windows at the side of the hive instead of the front (giving the option of having comb be "cold way" or "warm way" also described in Warre's book).