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Author Topic: Inspections today  (Read 648 times)

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Inspections today
« on: March 22, 2009, 09:55:18 PM »
well went and did some inspections today to take frames of brood for Dwight, I thought we might get between 20-40 frames of brood but got 50 frames loaded in capped brood and bee's and still had 3 hives to go through that was 2 deeps each and full, watch your hives this year because spring just got here and I had 1 hive that was 2 deeps that was so loaded with bee's we found the queen but they had swarm cells already, just pears has bloomed so for, not black berries or poplar, and those are the strongest flows, all my hives but 2 were loaded in bee's, this weekend I am going to have to split most because they are going to swarm if I dont split , not ready to start taking brood yet for myself but giving Dwight some brood frames helped me keep from swarming for a week or so, grafts aren't going to be ready, it just they are so loaded this year at this time, some hives we took 5-8 frames of capped brood and they had still 5-8 frames full of brood and the hives were completely loaded with bee's. just a tip here watch your hives this year in Ga region, they are ahead of what they usually do this time of year. looks like its going to be a busy year  ;) ....
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