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Author Topic: CAUGHT! ex Top Judge gets Jail for lying his way out of a $77 speeding ticket!  (Read 1481 times)

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Beware, you are being watched!

Certainly the biggest idiot of the year!

He was caught speeding by a Camera. First he said it wasnt him, then blamed a Woman who denied driving the car, then he blamed a woman who turned out to be dead.

Fast forward to today, 2 years slammer. Serves him right, who the hell does he think he is?

And to lie about it for years, change the story, all for 77 bucks?

This is like the head of the Supreme Court in the USA doing the same thing.

Im glad he wasnt above the law, and glad he got what he deserved for being so stupid and greedy.

Ruined his life and family for the price of a decent feed!

He would have millions in the bank and an annual pension more than 10 times what you get in a year.

The path to Einfeld's personal destruction began on January 8, 2006, when his car was captured by a speed camera doing 60km/h in a 50km/h zone along Macpherson Street in Sydney's Mosman. It was minor traffic offence that attracted a $77 fine and three demerit points.

He would sign a statutory declaration saying he had lent his car to an old friend, Teresa Brennan - a professor from Florida who had died after returning to the US.

When he gave evidence to that effect at the Downing Centre Local Court in August, the offence was found to be "not proved" and was dismissed by the magistrate.

He was then confronted by a Daily Telegraph reporter with the fact that Brennan had been dead for three years. Einfeld offered that another academic, also named Therese or Terese Brennan, had borrowed his car on the day of the offence. He said she too had died after returning to the US.

Prosecutors were soon asked to prepare a brief “confirming the evidence given before the court”'. Einfeld would hire a public relations firm and call a press conference to insist the "living” Professor Brennan would provide a statement that would clear him.

“I was not driving my car which was photographed by a speed camera on the day in question. I stand by that,” he said.

But mobile phone records showed he was in the area at the time and was driving a companion, former SBS journalist Vivian Schenker, home from lunch at Pilu, a upmarket restaurant at Freshwater.

He again changed his story and claimed he was driving his mother's Corolla on January 8. However, security footage taken at Mr Einfeld's mother's apartment block in Bondi Junction allegedly showed her vehicle did not leave the car park at any time on that day.

As his story unravelled so did his CV. He had unwittingly invited scrutiny and the media took up the challenge.

It emerged that he had bought degrees from American "universities”, had not been a director of Marks and Spencer and that his judgements adopted others' work without attribution.

The public was reminded that his presidency of the Human Rights Commission came to an end soon after he was challenged for allegedly twice claiming compensation for the same property - an overcoat - lost on an overseas trip.

He had also falsely used the "I wasn't driving excuse” on three previous occasions, blaming friends who were visiting from overseas. It would become known as the Einfeld defence and promoted a change in the law when it was discovered that hundreds of drivers had used it avoid traffic and parking fines.

Einfeld still had had no shortage of people willing to come to his defence.

They included Angela Liati, a 55-year-old-woman who wanted to meet Einfeld. She claimed she was in the car with Professor Brennan on the day in question. She would later be convicted of perjury.

Another figure to emerge in what rapidly became a legal circus was prostitute Marie Christos.

One of her clients was Einfeld's first solicitor, Michael Ryan. While rifling through his rubbish bin for proof he was lying about having an affair with another woman, Ms Christos found documents relating to the Einfeld case. She then took them to police - and the media.

Ms Christos announced she would wear a new dress for every day Einfeld was in court and once confronted him with TV cameras rolling and announced: “Hello Marcus, I'm Marie Christos, Michael Ryan's prostitute.”

Mr Ryan would resign from the case, quit as a partner at McClellands Lawyers and leave the law altogether.

Today, there was one more name added to the list of casualties. That of Marcus Einfeld himself.

[b]Biography: The Honourable Marcus Einfeld AO QC

Marcus Einfeld was a Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory for 15 years to 2001. He remains a Justice of a number of overseas courts as part of an Australian program to assist the courts of developing countries. He received the Order of Australia (AO) for services to international affairs and the promotion and protection of human rights and in 2002 was the UN Peace Laureate.

As Queen’s Counsel for 10 years and a practising barrister in Australia and the United Kingdom for 25 years, Justice Einfeld advised some of Australia’s largest companies and appeared in many of Australia’s most famous cases across a broad range of subject matters. He is widely sought after as an international public speaker on national good governance and anti-corruption programs, international peace and reconciliation, corporate ethics, legal issues, and human rights and obligations.

Since his retirement from full time judicial work, Justice Einfeld has become Chairman of a number of public companies and regularly advises corporations on corporate ethics and governance.

For many years an executive member of the New South Wales Board of Deputies and a Councillor of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Justice Einfeld launched and became the first Chairman of the Australian Campaign for the Rescue of Soviet Jewry.

While living in London, he founded and became the first Chairman of the National Campaign for Soviet Jewry of the United Kingdom and Ireland and thus was the only person to have headed two national campaigns in that cause.

He has often been a speaker for Israel and Jewish causes and confronting Palestinian and Arab spokespersons including in the media and at UN bodies, universities and other major institutions in many countries. He was Guest Youth Speaker at worldwide rallies after the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War and has been Guest Speaker at United Israel Appeal (UIA) functions in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Justice Einfeld is Patron of the Australian Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants and of the Sydney Jewish Museum. He is Ambassador of Hope for Jewish Care. He was keynote speaker at major rallies to mark the 50th and then the 60th anniversar
y of the liberation of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.[/b]

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I love a good gotcha story!  :buttkick:

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What an Idiot

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serves him right!!!  Just because he's a judge dosn't mean he's above the law.  Now if that was here in America they would probably have never given him that ticket. :evil:
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Good story.

He should of tried the foolproof "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit!".  :-D
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  Whhooo   hoooo we need more of those. :-D
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