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Author Topic: Lost my tv service so am watching old videos of C&L and Married with children  (Read 1580 times)

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While I loved Cagney and Lacey when it was on back in the 80's I never truly appreciated the subtle and not so subtle nuiances of that show.  it has been a real kick in the pants to watch all the old episodes again (I taped them years ago).  The depth and breadth of subjects they touched on and the writing-that was witty and often sent me to a dictionary or thesaurus to get the meaning and use of the word.

Then on the other end of the scale is Married with Children.  Mindless entertainment.  Again, taped years ago-since I don't currently have television service.  A show you either loved or hated.  To me it was great "slap stick" humor.  I mean who could not identify with the loveable loser Al?

I wonder if it will ever warm up so I can get out from under my heating bills and have money to get the tv service back on-if for no other reason than to watch the weather forecast!
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You have to go to the two sites that may just rid of you TV addition - I spend a lot of time watching TV shows (many as recent as this weeks episodes) on the web in VERY good definition:


Everything I  miss during the week, I watch there. I'm thinking you may not be on hghspeed, which will be aan issue - you can pause a show while it loads.

But both sites have a huge movie selection too and all of it is free with minimal commercials.

You are right though, All in the Family covered topics that no one else would touch until Maude, and C&L surely pushed limits too - seems anything is game these days, but there is so much good old TV to be watched, there are entire generations who can now see the shows we watched for years which they never even heard of. Hope these work out for you.
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