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Author Topic: Donated Dummies book to main County library Branch today  (Read 661 times)

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Donated Dummies book to main County library Branch today
« on: March 06, 2009, 03:41:26 PM »
As I had done 8 years ago, I took my second copy of the Beekeeping for Dummies (early release edition) to our local library for them to add to the reference sction. I will be asking Howland for a copy too to donated to the main Branch here - a signed copy is a nive touch for a reference

It was nice to see the original still on the shelf and well used since 2001, the new one surely will have many good years to hold up well also. I asked what happens to older editions and the head librarian said they usually get passed on to other branches according to need (as in how many beekeepng book each branch already has) so I know it will be around a while still :)

To thse enquiring minds you need to know, yes I audographed the first as I was listed as LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER in that edition, here I get special (and FIRST THANK YOUS) in the acknowledgements but felt gifting the book alone was a nice gesture.

Outr library system is amazing though, all 21 branhes are computer interlaced, all material from books to DVDs, to audiobooks to magazines are all online and accessible by online ordering - you simply pick up the material at your local branch when you get an email from the library. This may be pretty common today, but our system has been doing it for years.

Not to leave out, they are affiliated with a massive audiobook lending library that downloads audiobooks in MP3 format for all your MP3 players - they use Media Players feature which makes the books unplayable after the rental time, so you need to listen to it within the 10-14 days allowed or reorder the book to finish. Also, they are only licensed so many copies, so there are waiting lists for popular books. At last count there were over 10,000 audiobooks downloadable.

I use a program which dubs the mp3 book in highspeed with 4 tracks at a time copying, it takes about 1 hours to record a 16 hur book into perfect reproduction that doesn't expire - according to the software manufacturers, the dubbing process works its way around the copy-write laws, because if you were to play the material as it copied it, it would sound like gibberish - the software slows the recording perfectly to the original speed and it works with DVDs and BLU-RAY and all media types.

So anyway... I never run out of books to listen to at work, I'm fortunate to listen to 3 full novels every 2 weeks or more this way, exceeded over 100 books a year - something I could never sit down and do - most of my listening is at work while making rounds to the many boilers around the base where I work. It makes the time fly by and I get to enjoy books like I had at one time when life was a lot less hectic.
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