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Author Topic: Do I Need A Hive Top Feeder?  (Read 8267 times)

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Do I Need A Hive Top Feeder?
« Reply #20 on: March 18, 2005, 12:07:59 AM »
Cheap to make hive top feeder......
Below are pictures of my attempt at a home made rapid feeder. It is constructed of a Sterlite box and lid from Walmart, $1.92, and a pint plastic funnel from Walmart, $.64. It is assembled with GE Silicone II glue. I cleaned the plastic parts with alcohol and sanded lightly to give it some teeth. The hole in the bottom is 3" and the funnel hole is about 1" after trimming it back. The cover is a 3# sized empty butter dish. I glued some scrap screen material to the funnel for footing. It holds about 2.5 gallons and fits pretty snug in a medium super.   It does not drown bees.

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