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Author Topic: SOME MORE NEWS on OUR NEW CHAT FEATURE on FORUM HOME PAGE  (Read 2799 times)

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« on: February 24, 2009, 12:51:36 PM »
Hi Everyone:

Through exhaustive research and hard work, Our Techical Admin Robo has given all of us the worlds SIMPLIST CHAT OPTION and I hope you all stop by to at least say hi to others on line.

1) I know you can see it, it is on the forum home page - clicking the MINUS button (as described in Robo's Intro Post) will close it and you won't be bothered by it. But why on Earth would you want to do that, especially if you have been here a long time and would like to chat LIVE with folks you have known here for years.

Equally, if you are new, WHAT BETTER WAY to meet existing members - whether it is Bee Talk or just BSing. The window is live chat embedded on the main page, but it also intregrates with the our FULL AJAX chat room where you have multiple features, including the ability to go to any forum topic and chat specifically about that forum and of course PRIVE CHAT.

2) there is really nothing to setup for the embedded Shoutbox chat, you should have a limited sized window that scrolls upwards as people type - you'll see roughly 6 to 8 lines of chat which is time stamped and has the user name right there. You need to go into the Ajax chat to tweak settings like sound warning when someone posts and other features - but using the Shoutbox on the main page is as simple as it gets and IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, it may save you a long post - just chat away live with other members to learn what you need to know.

3) you are auto-signed in to Shoutbox and occationally will be asked for your username pass word (the same you use in the forum) in Ajax the full chat room. No matter which, you are who it says you are, all members are verified at login time and there are no spammers that can ruin a chat time.

4) in the full Chatroom, you can't post and share photos, move to other rooms for orivate chat, block members you choose not to see or hear from, list who is on link and many features I'm just learning - whispering a message to another member in an open room is easy, double click the members name, choose send private message - you'll see code added to the front of your posting box and just type the message. The other member will see "your name" and (whisped) at the beginning of the post - and noone else sees anything.

So until I've mastered the many features, I though maybe an minor intro to go with Robos great tutoral may inspire you to text chat. We have always asspired to be MORE than a beekeeping forum, we want to build a community of friends and it surely has worked - the friendships here are more than obvious. But with a simple as can be chat feature at your finger tips, you don't have to install or setup anything - which has kept many people away from Ventrilo VOICE chat, although it is really a simple install and it by far the most fun you will have in the forum, meeting the few dozen members active in Ventrilo has changed many of us as we've met in person and I will always treasure those meetings.

Having Geoff from Australia make a special trip to stay with me and Tracey when he was in the states was an honor - and Geoff also met many other members while in the states, that is the power of the forum and the catalyst is Ventrilo or any of the live interactive chats. It truly brings members closer and sheds the feel that we are alone and the responces we get are from just someone out there - no that person answering is a living breathing person, with likes and dislikes just like you - until you take the time to make friends, they are only strangers and we try hard here to get people together and form new friendships.

No doubt this happens just by posting in the many forums, but chatting paints a more realistic picture of who you are communicating with and eventually beekeeping talk gets old to many people, they start to search out friends and become another member of that special club of people who deeply get to know other members and find that there is much more here to do than beekeeping.

Hope you all try either of out text chats, the embedded on the forum main page called Shoutbox LINKS PERFECTLY with the full room AJAX chat (find the link to launch the full chatroom just below the forum search window, to the left of logout tab. It both says chat and has the number of people currently in chat right on the tab. Using either chat allows members to read what you are posting at either site, I like the simplicity of the Embedded Shoutbox, a simple no frills chat that leaves no excuses to give it a try. Hope you try it, it is a fast wat to start friendships whether new here or well seasoned. Plus, what a great place to find a mentor if ou are new!

Happy forum times, Great Spring time ahead to all.

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« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2009, 05:51:23 AM »
hi, i just want to ask speaking of chatting.,
what are using when you are chatting to other people.,I use yahoo messenger.,