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Author Topic: Mt. Peak Hike!  (Read 584 times)

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Mt. Peak Hike!
« on: February 24, 2009, 12:47:34 AM »
Yesterday after Church Amanda & I went for a little hike up Mt. Peak in Enumclaw. (you can google it, amazingly!) I thought I was going to die! :roll:  There is no gradual in that climb..trail goes right UP! Then UP some more, then even more agonizing UP, UP UP!! Took us 1.5 hours!!  Boy am I out of shape! Well, not too bad cause I'm here typing still.  It was beautiful, smelling that nice, pine foresty smell.  They had little markers along the way telling about the plants (that are not up yet..) so I did get a chance to rest.  Amanda was also winded but I don't think she seized up like I did last night...could barely move! Some of those crazy youngsters were scampering up with little kids in backpacks!  :shock: I love hiking, last summer I re-realized how fun it is after taking Brendhan & Janelle to Mowich. The next weekend Amanda Chels & I went back to Mowich & hiked around the other side.  Amanda & I are going to do Peak more, there is another entrance on the other side, closer to Buckley.  I am planning on getting a puppy in the next year or so, need to get in shape for exercising & socializing it's body & mind!  J
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