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Author Topic: BeeBabe -- this one if for you, all you ever wanted to know about bearding, hee,  (Read 879 times)

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OK, you asked the question.....what is bearding?  It is a very interesting thing that bees do when they are hot.  Have a look at this thread that I have linked you to.  Another thing too, BeeBabe, is to do a search on things that you want to know more about here on the forum.  See up in the right hand side of the page there is that blank box with the word "search" right beside it?  Type a word in there on what you want to look for, and you will see many topics come up, you can also do an advanced search to get even more refined results.  I hope that this little bit of information will clear up for you what bearding is all about, smiling.  Have that great, most wonderful day, health.  Cindi

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Hey Cindi!  Thank you so much for the forum tips.  I am still trying to find the time to use this forum to its fullest.  There is so much info to look at.  It is so much better than reading beekeeping books!  I have been working so much lately it has been hard to try to find the time to go online at all.  Spring is right around the corner...so much to do.  Life is good though!  I have seen the bees all over the front or side of the hive when it is hot, but never hanging down like a beard.   Happy spring to you and yours!   Thanks again!   :)
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