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Author Topic: a simple thank you to a contributor to Beemaster forum got interesting  (Read 1158 times)

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I do get asked thiss enough, thought I'd just respond as a reply rather than a post, but it talks about a donation button found on the forum.

PERSONAL CONTENT LEFT OUT.....  Yes there is a discrete donate button right on the toolbar of the Beekeeping Forum - the line reads as such:    Home    Help   Search   Admin   Profile   My Messages   Calendar   "Donations"   Members   Staff List   Logout   
is how the line looks on the forum home page - it is the fort from the end. P.S the quote marks are not really there :)

I do know that your gift is rare in these hard times for everyone - it is greatly appriciated. Surprisingly a few generous and thoughtful members have fought hard times and thought of us - that is warming and thank you all so very much.

I honestly wish (although it is only a dream, not even a polite nudge that EVERY MEMBER would be REQUIRED to have VENTRILO VOICE CHAT SOFTWARE installed on their computer - quick and easy to install : VENTRILO is text and voice chat for 30 members live all at one time in 1 or many many room doing all kinds of things. Rooms where BEE TALK is is give priority while gamer go into one of many gaming rooms or other chat room. You can go one on one, groups, special groups, any way you want to talk, you just push down on your LEFT Control Key as a MIC ON switch, when you let go the mic closes off again. You can choose ANY non repeating key - no numbers or letter cause check out what happens when you hold them down - they rapid fire shoot at you. You meed a key like one of the controls keys - You enter an IP adress and aport number and you are live on mic just by setting up you r mic and audio levels, do that in setup - but close setup to test your mic, in setup mics dont work.


I have a Magic Jack, you know plug any phone in and it works NEAR PERFECT, sometimes one side or the other may get some echoe or reverb for a few seconds occastionally even in HIGH BANDWIDTH AREA here - talk to your friends anytime, but don't talk to commercial businesses of any kind in mid afternoon traffic - buy everything in the morning, etc. Don't mind me, started talking to you and came up with a post. I'll be copying some of my better material - lol. I talk to a florida friend every day using magic jack, his cell to my computer, fully internet wifi and wireless router stuff.

The coolest thing I have is my laptop connected through wireless keyboard and mouse, my laptop with the hi-def internet TV shows which we watch on my 47 in ch HDTV - Fully surfing the Internet in all its glory on a 47 inch rasor sharp screen. We just slide a small table back and forth, recycled plastic and share the TV and on click later the Internet and EVERYTHING you do on your computer - I play golf with other forum members, play freebee poker in a beautiful internet toy casino. We have lots of fun - go please to the VIDEO, AUDIO, TEXT CHAT FORUM and every member is 2 minutes from talking or typing to all other members if they choose - if they wish just listen, occationally typing and being active - use your mics if you have them - they setup easy.

I want to see in 2009 ALL THIRTY SPACES WE HAVE AVAILABLE FILLED FILLED FILLED - totally full at least 3 nights a week and in the low to mid 20s the other nights. I calll until all members to join our Ventrilo Voice and Text Chat. WITHOUT LEAVING THE FORUM HOMEPAGE, you simple scroll to the bottom and you will see WHO IS IN VENTRILO TALKING.

You can see who is on talking currently RIGHT FROM the brr forum homepage at the very bottom. a lst of who are talking is posted and refreshed every time you return to the homepage or hit refresh. There are links ther to set you up and join in. IF we fill 30 spaces then will buy 50 spaces, but get use to TALKING PEOPLE - the forum is magical and wonderful BUT sitting here freezing a few days ago at -5, it was so wonderful to hear Geoff in Australia talking about a hot Summer Day and Swarming. Then to ask him about it and interact and learn and IF YOU ARE LUCKY LIKE ME - I got to meet Geoff and he spend 4 wonderful days with my wife and me.

I see about 6 people a night, 9 on weekends, I want to double that by MARCH - MEMBERS, get off your butts, plug in your mics, install Ventrilo and at least listen in - :)


THEN I ADD... eventually getting to the point...

So, I'm proud you have placed a gift of faith that I'd do the right thing, and my sworn goal is to create a place where families can post, reply, text chat, seeing people LIVE working their honeybees., voice chat to 5 continents and video chat each other with many cams on live to share, pick and choose - we do it all now.

Mostly, Ventrilo voice chat - anyone not using it is missing 2/3rds of the forums information and fun. You make friends for life in Voice chat. What a heavenly gift. Great days to us all, May our new President turn around in his 8 years - our economy, the regrowth of our Countries place after a fiancial global super storm has finally blown by 6 years from now. We all will be working until we die IF we are lucky - ugh. Peace and thanks so much.

GET ACTIVE and be closer to the people you only read now, to hea and talk to then live is magical. Sharing knowledge always ends in a friendship.

I have given you guys, with the help of a few very smart Admin and Moderators, we have built a place where you could in theory try to figure out collectively HOW to be more competitive on the honey market. Durely ALL HEATH FOOD STORES, especially the goremet places like Wegmans and Whole Foods need your honey and YOU'll BOTH make a profit and people spend $8.95 a pint. Net work people are good at one thing net working themselves.

We can host clubs Clubs, orginazations, socities, interested groups on any topic, regional groups, and all have their own inner mail system - all that is possible (I sure understand it is) and maybe, just maybe BEEMASTER FORUMS might host the battlefield where you figure out how to THRIVE, not just survive.

US BEEKEEPERS need to get their heads together, especially the SMALL BEEYARDS, thy need to co-op with others, have a central handler to move smaller products, you can custom blend flavors, almost anything - the US HONEY MARKET is a wonderful product and if we did it right, it could be PROFITABLE againt the world ecconomy,
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Please enjoy the forum, and if it has helped you in any way, we hope that a small donation can be made to support our FULLY member supported forum. You will never see advertisements here, and that is because of the generous members who have made our forum possible. We are in our second decade as a beekeeping forum and all thanks to member support. At the top right of every page is a donations link. Please help if you can.

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Re: a simple thank you to a contributor to Beemaster forum got interesting
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2009, 07:27:25 PM »
It sure sounds like fun. I wish I could hear. I would put speakers and a mic on my computer. But, Alas, it is not to be. I cannot listen to radio, tv, or computer.
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Re: a simple thank you to a contributor to Beemaster forum got interesting
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2009, 07:34:09 PM »
the ventrilo program also has a text chat if you wish to try it.

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Re: a simple thank you to a contributor to Beemaster forum got interesting
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2009, 11:35:45 PM »
It sure sounds like fun. I wish I could hear. I would put speakers and a mic on my computer. But, Alas, it is not to be. I cannot listen to radio, tv, or computer.

I hear yah there.  I used to love music but since my hearing has gone south I can't stand to listen to it much anymore.  Maybe it's because it's just becoming a jumble of noise.  I can't understnad the words to save my life and when it comes to talking on the phone, I'd like the throw it out but the wife won't let me.  I can still hear most low tones and can piece together a conversation as much from the mouth movements and content of the words I do understand when talking to someone in person, but if they're out of sight I can't understand them period. 
The My youngest granddaughter loves to make loud high pitched sounds, loud enough for me to hear, and the pitch drives me crazy.  Rita MacIntire was the 1st singer I couldn't stand to listen to because of the timber of her voice, now it's just about anyone.  I guess I still like Tennessee Ernie Ford, Burl Ives, and Charlie Pride because they have a lower range and I can still understand most of what they are singing.
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