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Author Topic: Online college-level beekeeping class  (Read 1350 times)

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Online college-level beekeeping class
« on: January 06, 2009, 10:35:10 AM »
Found this out from my local beekeeping club, sounds cool and thought I'd pass it along:

The University of Delaware offers a college-level course in beekeeping titled "Apiology and Apiculture" (ENWC214) online.  The current course instructor is DR. Dewey Caron, who soon will be coming to Oregon as a permanent resident.  The course includes hands-on, practical activities and is offered through UD Online, the University of Delaware's distance learning program.  The course is constructed around Dr. Caron's textbook, Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping.  It is a self-paced course (only if non-credit) and access to someone's bee colony is desirable.  The course can be taken for credit or just for interest.
"Tuition" for the course, if taken for credit can be found at:
www.continuingstudies.udel.edu/udonline/registration/.  Tuition for the non-credit, more leisurely approach is $295 per person and enrollment is available at any time.  If you and your computer don't seem to get along with the University of Delaware computer program, try calling UD Online Program Manager, Melanie Rehberg, at:  (302) 831-1079, Ext. 5, (800) 597-1444 Ext 5, or email Melanie at: melanier@udel.edu.

Sounds like fun, I'm thinking of registering for it myself.  Thought I'd pass the info along.

Sean Kelly
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Re: Online college-level beekeeping class
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2009, 01:16:15 PM »
Dr. Caron is fantastic. Being in Delaware, I have been priviledged to hear him speak at our Beek meetings many times, and attended his retirement party last year. We will miss him here.

My beginning Bee Keeper's book I purchased directly from him (He's the Author) before I knew who he  was. I wish I had had him sign it.

MAAREC is his baby as well. See this site:

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