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Author Topic: No "Northern Queens" to the US this year  (Read 1655 times)

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No "Northern Queens" to the US this year
« on: January 13, 2005, 07:11:36 PM »
Just thought I would share a disturbing e-mail I received from the beeworks mailing list.  This is quite sad,  last year I tried a couple of these queens and was impressed with them.  Much more active in colder weather than the US queens.

From: "David Eyre" <admin@beeworks.com>

I have been waiting some time for the 'other shoe' to drop, and finally
today it fell.
   I have finished reading the new regulations regarding the export of queens
to the US and the results do not bode well for 2005.
   The regulations from the USDA and APHIS  Federal Registry, Vol 69 No.203
Oct 21 2004 states that we need an inspection health certificate 10 days
before shipment, an export license issued by the Canadian Food inspection,
the shipment has to go through a port of entry manned by
an APHIS inspection agent, the importer has to apply for a licence to
import, sign a document and return it to the APHIS agent at the port of
entry days before the shipment arrives. If the security of the package does
not measure up to a 'standard' then the shipment is destroyed at the
shipper's expense. It goes on and on. Draconian to say the least.
   Regretfully, it would seem the trade protectionists in the American
legislature have won again!! Canada bashing is getting to be a way of life!
The American Honey Producers Assoc has been agitating for many years to
'protect' the US bee business, from where I stand they have succeeded in
cutting us out completely.
   My previous business was ruined by the NAFTA agreement (I think that should
be renamed, North American UNFAIR Trade Agreement) now someone has taken
this business as well.
   What does it all mean? Simply put, the legislation is a mine field for the
small business queen breeders and so it is with a heavy heart I have to
close down the US service queen supply, any monies will be refunded, all
orders are cancelled.
   Just not my week, first our Indian friends, now this. Thank God I'm getting
on in years and can soon give it all up.
      Regards Dave.....
David Eyre, The Bee Works,
5 Edith Drive, RR # 2,
Orillia, ON. L3V 6H2. Canada
(705) 326 7171
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison