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Author Topic: Honey Varietals Questions  (Read 656 times)

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Honey Varietals Questions
« on: December 24, 2008, 10:18:56 AM »
 I have read Their is 300 unique Honey types :

My question is ......  actually it's a three part question

1.  I'm curious to see what variety of Honey The Beekeeper members on this board bees produce in your Geographical Area ?
2. Is it correct that Bees produce different Honey during Spring, Summer, Autumn  ?
3. Since I'm from Illinois and Indiana is my Neighbor what is the typical honey variety bees produce in this Geographical area ?

I see alot of Honey labeled clover honey is that just a generic name if someone does not know the exact honey variety there hives produce ?  

Thanks for any replys I get and sorry for the multiple questions in succession  :)

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Re: Honey Varietals Questions
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2008, 10:29:56 AM »
I'm new at this but I think Wildflower honey is what most end up with, at least for me. The bees unless they have a large crop will feed on many different types of nectar. A lot of large commercial guys can move there hives to the citrus, clover,  almond, etc. crop and by doing so are pretty sure where the honey is coming from. Also a lot of people on these forums are experienced enough to recognize the difference in honey by looking at it, I am not.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Honey Varietals Questions
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2008, 12:52:13 PM »
As far as the honeys produced in the area you are in I have no clue. Here in south Gerogia I can tell you what is made.  We make a blackberry honey off the commerical fields we pollinate, were other local guys produce a gallberry honey, palmetto and others.  And yes you will make a diffrent honey in the diffrent seasons of the year as you say.  This is relational to the bloom at the time of year as diffrent things bloom at different times.  We can't produce a pure honey of any type as bees visit many diffrent sources however we can produce a  honey that is mostly citrus, clover, gallberry, whatever.  That is why you have to be carefull with the wording on labels. You can put on something like "Pure Honey, Gallberry"  and not "Pure Gallberry Honey". You can research honey labeling for better infomation than mine and I would before I had printed labels for mine if I were you.  I've been around the bee business for awhile and I can tell you each honey has a diffrent taste that in time you'll also be able to tell by taste alone the source.  I do agree with Keith if you are producing honey it should probably be called Wildflower.  Unless you are in the middle of a floral source that has a definate bloom period such as the clover, citrus, or what ever.  We commercial guys as mentioned do move bees around the country for the different honey flows.  These hives are usally eighter single or double hives with no supers on them.  After placement of your pallets we return placing empty supers for the honey storage somewhat insureing I have that type honey and not a blend.
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