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Author Topic: Hello from Colorado - greenhorn beekeeper  (Read 1080 times)

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Hello from Colorado - greenhorn beekeeper
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:04:11 AM »
Howdy all!  I started out with one hive this last spring and trying to find my way with the bees.  We are in Longmont, Colorado about 40 miles north of Denver.  So we are high elevation (5200 feet) and have cold winters but not much snow.  I read up a little bit on beekeeping prior to jumping in.  The hive seemed to be off to a good start by mid summer, but something went awry late summer and the hive is not thriving right now - some drawn comb and some, but not many, bees, no pollen, and very little honey.  I'll be feeding and trying to pull the colony through to spring - wish me luck.   We are on 35 acres with the primary nectar flow being alfalfa and dandelion, plus some raspberry, blackberry, fruit trees and grapes.  Beekeeping has been a fun learning experience so far and I enjoy working with the bees, even though I tried to not do alot with the hive - just trying to give the colony its space and let it build up this year.  Alas, next year will probably be a building year as well.  I think I may have needed to feed more this year!?  Especially in the fall.

If there are any fellow Coloradoans out there let me hear from you!  Maybe we can connect and swap lessons learned.

I am thankful to find this forum.  The information sharing is great.  I've learned alot already just by reading through the threads on the various topics.  Thanks to all of you with experience who are willing to share with us folks new to beekeeping.

Kind regards,


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Re: Hello from Colorado - greenhorn beekeeper
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2008, 07:18:16 AM »
Hello and Welcome John
There is alot of great information on the forum !!
The members here are willing help and answer your questions, all you need to do is to ask

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Re: Hello from Colorado - greenhorn beekeeper
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2008, 11:15:35 AM »
John, welcome to our forum.  Glad you had joined us.  This will be the place, as you have already found out, you can learn lots, you can ask questions, your questions will get answers, if you don't get an appropriate answer to a question, ask it again.  Sometimes posts get buried in the mass of threads.  This can be a place where you can make new friends, a place to tell your stories, tales and experiences, we all love to listen, and participate.  Enjoy your stay with us.  Have a most wonderful and awesome day, great health wishes to us all. Cindi
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