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Author Topic: The pounder nearly as big as the kid  (Read 1050 times)

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The pounder nearly as big as the kid
« on: November 28, 2008, 11:09:39 AM »
So, don't boys love to pound with things....my youngest Grandson is the master of all kinds of things that he can swing in the air.  Blows me away the things that him and his Cousin find to swing around their heads.  They are always pretending they are heros, ninjas, whatever comes to their tiny little boy minds....and oh sometimes I get such a laugh out of these two.  I can't count how many brooms I have around here, all with no handles to hold them, just the sweeper part.  The hunks of tree limbs that have no bark, the electrician tape that always accompanies these tree limbs that the boys sneak to put on to make their handles easier to grab on to.  Oh boys!!!  Oh brother!!!

My Husband built an ogre hammer for my youngest Grandson some time back, and he showed me how he uses it to pound the ground.  (and of course I also wonder what else around here he pounds, I have seen some rather ragged looking flowers, now and then, hee, hee).  Who knows how he can lift such a monster, but he seems to do just fine.  Beautiful day, life, health.  Cindi

Wonder how he learned to swing that hammer over his back (couldn't be from watching his Gramma swing that mall to split alder, now could it, hee, hee)

And the ground it be a'tremblin'

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