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Author Topic: Berries and their care  (Read 1489 times)


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Berries and their care
« on: October 03, 2008, 12:15:18 PM »
Last year my dad received a n order of plants. By mistake he got one red rasberry plant. He gave it to me. It produced fruit immediately that summer. I did nothing to it and this year it produced about 20lbs of awesome red rasberries. It even had a fall harvets too, but maybe 3 lbs in total. This plant is presding like gang busters and obviously is doing awesomely. I want to prune it correctly and care for it correctly. I will also take a few suckers and transplant in the spring as well.
So, how do you care for berry canes?

Can I mix in other berries in the yard?
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Re: Berries and their care
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2008, 06:31:13 PM »
It sounds like it is an "everbearing" raspberry, which means it produces fruit on first year canes (primocanes) as well as second year canes.  So, the trick is to keep track of which canes have fruited for the second year.  Once a cane has fruited for the second year, it will never fruit again, so you cut it to the ground.

Alternatively, you can cut the whole plant to the ground every year (or just mow it) and you will still get a crop of berries from the new canes that year.  However, in my experience, the second year canes produce the most fruit, so I'd rather keep them around.

If your winters are very cold, you can bend the canes to the ground and put mulch over them to keep them alive.  10 degrees is about as cold as it ever gets here, so I don't bother mulching and the canes survive just fine.

To produce more plants, just bend some of the taller canes to the ground in the spring and anchor the tip there with a rock or a brick.  In a week or two, the tip should root.  You can then cut it off and replant it.

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Re: Berries and their care
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2008, 04:22:04 PM »
I planted red raspberries a couple of years ago and have had great luck. I googled raspberries and their care and found not to plant any speices togehter, dont mix red, black, or gold. I have planted black ones here but no luck on the red. I have also nocited the bees are not going to the red raspberries like I saw them on the black ones when I was visiting in Indiana. WHy? Dont know.