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Author Topic: The killing frost, the end of the cleome, before and after pictures  (Read 1955 times)

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The killing frost has come early this year, again, it did last year too.  Usually, in our temperate climate, we do not get the frost kill til after Halloween, but now two years in a row....makes for some work that normally would not be began until November.  Oh well, the winter hibernation has almost begun, my gardens are turned back to the earth, I am about 50% there, another few days, and there will be no lush summertime growth of perennials, nor annuals.

This is a cleome/sunflower/hyssop/borage/phacelia/(and that list goes on) patch.  Only a teeny tiny bit of the gardens that will need that work to ready them for their winter rest, with the perennials, and the compost that the annuals will provide.  Have that wonderful day, love our life.  Cindi

This is one of the many wheelbarrow-loads that have been moved to the compost pile.  Cleome has incredibly horrible thorns all over the stalks, it can be almost....almost...equated to rose thorns, but not quite as bad.  The main stalk on these cleomes was about 3 inches across, I had a dilly of a time pushing them over and pulling them up by the roots and then trying to shake the dirt of the roots, ouch!!!

I get such a kick out of Titan, that blonde Pittbull you see here.  He lives by my side when I am outside.  He waits and waits, knowing that he will always have something to chase and shake the living daylights out of.  He wanted the cleome plants, but they were too big to throw, and besides, it probably would have poked his poor mouth and hurt him.  He really likes to work hard, you will see him always in many pictures I take, an amazing little dude!!!

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Re: The killing frost, the end of the cleome, before and after pictures
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Wow, its kind of amazing how one day everything looks so nice and then the next day everything is gone. We have not had a frost hear yet and the flowers are stil blooming. Bees are getting lots of yellow pollen from somewhere. I dont see how some of the bees even make it back with so much pollen packed into their legs. They kind of look like little weight lifters.