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Author Topic: fumigilin and mite control  (Read 1345 times)

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fumigilin and mite control
« on: August 26, 2008, 09:58:08 AM »
I put apiguard on my hives yesterday which will be on them for 4 weeks in 2 applications.  I will also feed 2 gals of fumigilin.  Should i wait until after the mite treatment or can they be done together

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Re: fumigilin and mite control
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2008, 03:27:22 PM »
Hi Danno,
I think they recommend not feeding at the same time as using Apiguard, the idea that you want the bees to go to the Apiguard and not be drawn off by feeding. The more bees that get into the Apiguard during the time span the better.  I have seen the Apiguard instructions online, give it a search and that should answer your question.