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Author Topic: Gustav  (Read 6241 times)

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Re: Gustav
« Reply #40 on: September 06, 2008, 10:53:33 PM »
I wanna know about the secret cabin!
 Does it have a fallout shelter?
Do you have a year supply of food and water?
 Got any pictures?
Anyways, good to see you made it back and your house is ok!
 Prayers are a good thing, huh?

Your friend,

Thanks, Annette, Mtmn, Johnnny.

Johnny, the wife and I purchased our land after Katrina, we're dog people and was tired of trying to find a place to go to that would take in dogs, plus, Katrina was a real wake up call, with the real possibility of the entire area going under water, we decided to find a place to go to evacuate or to live and start over if the inevitable were to happen.

I have hunted Ms for many yrs now and really love the woods there and the wildlife and its not that far from our home in Metairie.

We have some supplies there but no bomb shelter built, yet!!!  :-D

Thing is our little cabin was built by some good folks, but its a homemade job at best, albeit it has stood its ground through several hurricanes including Katrina.

When I first saw it I honestly thought we should just tear it down, but the wife insisted, over her dead body!!!

So, I've been doing repairs to the roof, added running water and a shower, paneled the interior walls of the bedroom (addition which is basically a sheetmetal shed) beefed up the electrical, which BTW, is having a problem which we discovered 45 minutes before we headed back from Gustav.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with the electrician to figure out the problem so we can evacuate again, if we need to from %#@$%& Ike!!!

Anyway, wish us luck, and prayers, again!!!

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Re: Gustav
« Reply #41 on: September 06, 2008, 11:56:57 PM »
Brian, there's a place very close to my parents' house (on the Olympic pennensula of Washington) that get's over 200" of rainfall per year.  Yet my parents' house gets only about 15" per year... what a difference!

200" of rainfall is on the western side of the Olympics (aka Rain Forest) and was one of the places I was talking about.  You Parents must live between Port Angeles and Port Townsend....Sequim?   The difference of a few miles and front on to or lee of the Olympics makes a big difference.
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