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Author Topic: Interesting Observation  (Read 1198 times)

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Interesting Observation
« on: January 11, 2005, 10:31:04 AM »
Hi Gang:

I mentioned in a few previous posts that I joined another forum using the same PHPBB software we use here - they don't offer any other color themes as we hadn't until just yesterday, they use the Subsilver default theme.

Most (all, I guess) of you have grown use to the Desert Storm theme we have as a default theme here, many of you have said over the last 10 months that it is VERY PLEASING to the eyes and makes this forum unique. Thanks for those thoughts, I greatly appriciate all input from our members.

We now have 5 color schemes (themes if you will) available and 5 more coming soon, so now you can customise your viewing while here if y ou choose. Personally, I like the Desert Storm brown and tan theme a lot, but I also think the Eighties theme is worth checking out too - especially in the post reading pages, the colors are pleasant pastels.

On to My Observation

The new forum (coast to Coast AM) is a Paranormal forum covering dozens of topics from ghosts to UFOs, to governmental Cover-ups, to crops circles, alien abduction, Out-of-Body Experience, time travel, life in the Universe and on and on. They are just now getting around to having moderators - bringing in 2 members to help moderate the forums.

Many members there are crying that their "Rights" are being supressed and post will be censored if moderators are allowed in the forums. Now, their BBS has been around nearly 3 years and is related to the LARGEST night time syndicated radio program in the country, and it has 2521 members with 8043 articles (original posts - not counting replies) which, when you take everything in to account makes our humble forum seem VERY active for the short time it has been around.

But they play this stupid game which I personally wouldn't tolerate very long - a person posts a word, the next person adds a word, the third expands on the added word and so on: example... game, game board, board stiff, stiff neck, neck bone, bone head, head North, North Pole, Pole Vault, etc, etc..

Although harmless, this endless game accounts for more than 2000 posts from at least 40 members, that is 80 thousand posts alone which serve absolutely NO PURPOSE. I just can't see wasting bandwidth for such games. I would hope that the productivity of their members could be spread out for more meaningful purposes.

Sure, we have the "Humor is a Funny Thing" Forum, a great place to share humor with others and no that is not a waste of time - it is a great place to break up these long Winters when not much is happening in the beeyards or just plain fun anytime. But it doesn't create endless and meaningless posts. Trail-twister mentioned an equally meaningless game in a gardening forum he belonged to.

Meanwhile, the Coast-to Coast Forum members are complaining about moderators - lol. I never judge a person by how frequent or seldom they post, actually I try not to judge people at all beyond the character of their content. But playing silly games just to keep the membership around is not what an Admin or moderators are meant to do in forums.

I like the new Paranormal BBS, there really are some interesting theories there and some very clever people forming their opinions about some really off-the-wall topics, but I can also note that the members with interesting posts rarely partake in the silly word game that seems to make up nearly 40% of all posts in that BBS.

So it is refreshing to come in here, see the exchange of ideas and light-hearted fun of this great membership - it's nice to know that we don't have to put on a "show" just to keep you around and really nice that you look at the moderators as helpers, not hinderers.
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