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Author Topic: FREE PLASTIC FRAMES *** close thread All SOLD!!  (Read 1123 times)

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FREE PLASTIC FRAMES *** close thread All SOLD!!
« on: August 22, 2008, 10:31:03 PM »
I have around 200 plastic frames with the Build in foundation I will give away to anyone that can pick them up. I need the room in my Honey house ASAP due to expantion. They are for 6 5/8 supers I use for both brood and honey. I live in Kingsland Ga on the east coast of Ga. Im on the Georgia Florida Stateline off I-95. 30 MILE north Jacksonville Fla. Let me know ASAP.....They will be headed to the burn pile soon........ I have been asked to ship them but really dont want to fool with the packing and shipping plus the cost. Have a blessed day !!!!!!!!!
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