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Author Topic: City Slicker Brother Visited Last Week  (Read 1055 times)

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City Slicker Brother Visited Last Week
« on: August 21, 2008, 06:26:47 PM »
True story.

My wife and I have lived here in rural northern Utah for 3 years now and my brother from Salt Lake is the last to have not come to visit. We bought him an extra ticket to the Utah Festival Opera Company's production of Into the Woods in town for his birthday so he had to come.

As he was driving up he had to turn west to get to our house and drive a couple of miles through farmland out to the middle of the valley where we live. He got lost. My wife took his call asking for directions and I just heard her laughing as she was talking.

When she got off the phone she told me that she asked him where he was. He said, "I see a field with bales of hay and a house with a wagon wheel out front for a decoration." She laughed and told him that he could be anywhere. I opened the door to see if he was out front :-D
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Re: City Slicker Brother Visited Last Week
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2008, 06:59:12 PM »
I use to deliver stuff out in the oil fields and also I have driven trucks all over the country. The best directions I got was from a fellow trucker that usually had the route I was about to go on. He was giving me directions to this one place close to Little Rock, ARK. Part of the direction was to turn left where the horse was standing in the corner of the pasture  :? :shock: :?

I asks.... Is that horse gonna be standing there when I get there?

Yep. That horse is always there.

It was a life sized plastic horse.  :roll:
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