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Author Topic: Welcome all November Members :)  (Read 1031 times)

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Welcome all November Members :)
« on: November 29, 2008, 11:44:58 PM »
I want to welcome aboard all those who came in Throughout the Fall - I'm surprized more people aren't asking for Winterizing Help :)

Beemaster Forum greatly exceeds it initial goal of commercial free and family friendly. We have introduced audio and video chat - and actually 24/7 Video feeds you can arrange to make a fully function TV station on the net. MAke your own short news or opinions and keep it freah.

Look around, please understand our bilaws and have fun here. You should make friends at an excellorated rate, acording to the methods of interaction  - those who post and particpate in Ventrilo chat - that person will spend 50% more time online, talking to the people he/she has met through the forum.

Although Video Interaction is new, we are groeing slowly. nuy nearly 2 dozen members have appeared on cam at one time or another.

I hope to be on cam when possible, audio turned up and the TXT chatroom open. I'll answer in voice, you just type your questions :)

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: My username Beemaster is JUST THAT and THAT ONLY. It is like calling yourself Ronald Reagan - it is just your  Nckname.  I have tried my bestto akways be honeast on my experience, I am a hobbiest at best, my real love is bringing this FORUM and other inforamtion to youz.

Many of you have hundreds and many have thousands of posts - I need not tell you how hard (at least EAGLE EYED) sometimes to protect the members from vile stuff. I'm so proud of the staff who keeps this place clean like a Dyton Vacuum - lol. Honestly, you all particpate, when you report a post, always supply us with the basic issue and why you think it is in appropriate. Of course some posts SPEAK for themselves and need very little details for you.

So, new members - as we shortly start year 6 of the forums, you are about to embark on a remarkable journey, only limited by your own ambition to interact with other members and for your own reference NOTHING beats the "Archived " you know SEARCH feature.

Welcome Aboard, we love new members, enjoy their stories and like to see them interact in their many many forums - look around and find a topic OUTSIDE of beekeeping and interact with lots of members that have similar interests as you.

Glad to have you aboard :)

John AKA Beemaster
NJBeemaster my YOUTUBE Video Collection

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Re: Welcome all November Members :)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2008, 11:41:49 AM »
John, yeah!!!  Go, John, go!!!  I love it when you take that time to put a few good words into our forum about "stuff".  Uplifting and it is all good.  Stuff is good....Have that wonderful, and most awesome of days, great health.  Cindi
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