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Author Topic: 2 Frame Mating Nucs For Splits  (Read 1090 times)

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2 Frame Mating Nucs For Splits
« on: July 31, 2008, 04:56:52 PM »
Next year i would like to expand quite a bit and i have a boomer hive this year, so i think next year i wil split it using 2 frame mating nucs and then when the queen gets back from her mating flights move them into full size boxes. I plan on getting queen cells from my big hive next year and then moving them into the splits and shake in a few bees.

So now the questions:

What should the 2 frames consist of brood or honey or both?

Will they put up enough stores for the winter time to live through?

What would be the best time to do this split?

Should i move them away from the other hive when i split, and how far away?

Do you think this will work?

Heres some pictures of the nucs, i have 3, 2 frame nuc boxes and 1, 3 frame nuc box:
This is a picture of the 2 frame nuc.

Here is the entrance on the 2 framers.

Here is the 2 frame nuc from the top, showing the divider boards so the bees do not combine into each other.

Here is a picture of the 2 frame nucs with the top divider boards removed.

Here is the 3 frame nucs with top divider boards off.

Here is the 3 frame nucs with divider boards on.