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Author Topic: SUV lover  (Read 1681 times)

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SUV lover
« on: January 02, 2005, 11:14:54 AM »
Well at least my Durango. But really how can one "love" a vehicle? I normally save that word for my wife. "Like", "Like alot", and "care about" just about covers everything else. OOppps getting off track again.

I really like my Durango. I guess it falls under the catigory of SUV. But I am growing concerned about the future of these vehicles. Just this morning down the road about an eighth of a mile there is one that is turned over. A firetruck and a couple of EMS went that away. Don't know how bad it is.

It seems every night on the news, when I manage to watch it, I hear about another one (SUV) roll-over. How do people do that? Never mind I know how. I just hate to believe that the worlds only reasoning animal (man) is careless enough to do these things to him/her self. Some body the other day drifted onto the shoulder and over corrected. flipped the SUV. I think one was killed and another badly injured. Why do people think they have to yank the vehicle, no matter what kind, back onto the highway? Just simply steer the thing gently back over.

PANIC!!!!! That is one of the contributing factors of most accidents. No I haven't done a scientific study on it, but I have heard enough stories.

I believe for the most part people hop into their vehicles and drive. UMMMM perhaps "guide", or maybe "steer", are better used here instead of "drive". They never think or make plans about what to do if such and such should happen. And when it does happen they have no idea of what to do about it. Most people have been taught to hit the brake. Not the best thing in the world to do in a lot of cases.

Not bragging, (and knocking on wood as I write this) but just hoping by sharing some of this information it will help a few people out.

As long as I can remember I have always thought about situations that could arise as I am driving. And what would be the best course of action should something like that ever happen. And the key is to replay it over and over in your mind.

Surely there is a route everyone takes on a dailey bases. You see that stop sign. What will you do if someone comes blowing through there? Think of you being at different distances from that intersection and the other vehicle going at different speeds. What are your options. As I said hitting the brake isn't always the best thing to do. If that is the case, where can you go? A small twig of a tree or a bush is easier to hit than a car. A car is easier to hit than a large tree. A curb might mess up your alienment but thats easier and cheeper than a weeks stay in the hospital, or a funeral. Lawns can be repaired and grass planted again. Fences, depending on the material is either easy or hard to get through.

I'm gonna tell you a story now of when I was young and stupid. I  was zipping along a two lane black top. My speed-o-meter said I was doing eighty, but I knew with the over sized tires I was doing over 100mph. I saw a glitter of something over the top of this field of tall sunflowers to my left. About the time I figured out it was a spot light on the headache rack of a pick-up I realized it was going too fast to stop.

Now keep in mind all of this happens faster than you can read it. Yes even if your a speed reader.

Here is what the other driver did. He finally realized there was a stop sign, he was already on top of it, but went ahead and SLAMMED on the breaks. I don't think this helped at all as he was on loose gravel and proceeded to slid straight out in front of me.

Everything for me went into slow motion. I saw the pick-up emerge from the hidden side road. I saw the look on the passengers face when she saw me headed for her door. As my right foot left the gas peddal and hoovered over the brake a thought went through my mind, "OH Heck. We're all dead any way." And for what ever reason I slammed my foot back down on the accelerator. I steered hard to the right and then hard to the left. I went into the "apron" of the side road to the right and back out onto the black top. The pick-up missing my left side by about.... Well another coat of paint and he would have hit me. I kept going. The pick-up finally came to a stop after clearing the road and sat there until I was out of sight.

I have often thought about what would have happened if I did panic and just slammed on the brake skidding right into the door where that woman was sitting.

I believe that because of thinking about different possiblities I have managed to avoid a lot of accidents before I even realized there was one about to happen. There is no time wasted thinking about it, I just react. But that doesn't apply to the situation above. I believe that was handled by someone higher up.

So back to SUV. If you drive one of those things, they are not a sports car. They are top heavey. They are more likely to roll over in an abrupt manuever. They do have an advantage. You can see over a lot of the other vehicles and could notice what is going on ahead of you even if the car in front of you can not. Drive at least a quarter of a mile ahead of yourself. PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. Contemplate what other drivers are going to do, or not do. Remember, you are the only one out there with any sense. This goes for all vehicles not just SUVs.
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