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Author Topic: UFO or Paranormal Encounters - any stories to share?  (Read 1297 times)

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UFO or Paranormal Encounters - any stories to share?
« on: December 25, 2004, 03:11:04 PM »
Hi Everyone:

I was browsing TV a few nights ago looking for what the different cable networks had to offer for their Christmas programming. I clicked on the SCI-FI Channel and saw 1) a "Documentary about the UFO Crash at Roswell" and 2) a movie (very loosely) explaining what may have happened around those incidents.

Now... I've always held the belief that the probability of life (of some form) must be out there in the vastness of the Universe. Whether they are "microbial or highly evolved life" is a different matter - I'm talking about "life" in the most basic of terms.

I'm a big reader of Sci-Fi stuff (both fact and fiction actually) and just crunching the number, it seems impossible that "At some point in the history of the Universe" that life could not have existed many many times over. With billions and even trillions of stars in our "relatively small" Milkyway Galaxy and the fact that there are countless Trillions of Galaxies of all shapes and sizes, it just seems TOO BIG to NOT have all the building blocks of life out there.

We've talked about religion and personally I think of the Bible as being ONE of mans Owners/Operators Manuals - but as BigRog pointed out "God is too big for just ONE religion" and I think that a profound statement. In this post, I take that one step further and say the Bible is just one of HUMANS Owner/Operators Manuals and I believe that such books exists everywhere in the Universe, serving as a template for all creatures who have spiritual conscienceness.

That being said, and I know that probably offends a bunch of people (but I hope that no-one is here) JUST for popularity reasons. I think a God that has created such a unconceivably stretch of space, wouldn't do it JUST so we have stars to look at at night - that seems so foolish that to me. But the shear fact that the Universe is so large and so old, that it CHIEFLY explains the possibility that "Other Life Forms" have either rarely or never visited our planet.

When you add the the important issues, planet development and species development, throw in the age of the Universe and the vast distances that must be traveled, and you quickly see that "With the limits of our rather humble technology" visiting other systems is NOT a realistic goal. I truly believe that the FIRST long distance travel will not be a physical voyage, rather a conscience one - an Out of Body jaunt around the galaxies.

Unless there is a major Paradgym Shift in our current way of measuring space travel, there is little to no need for humans to seek out other civilizations in person. I imagine there is a GREATER possibilty of alien life finding us then US finding them, at least in the imaginable future.

But as mentioned in a post a few days ago, we are making leaps and bounds in human advancement through technology. We couldn't have imagined the modern day marvels a century ago and I'm sure we can't image those just available decades from now. Our creating a means to travel great distances in short periods of time is a probability I believe, not just a Star Trek fans drooling aspirations.

But let's say (for argument sake) that RIGHT NOW there are 1 trillion civilizations at least as advanced as we are, all spread equally as far from each other in space. No one having the means to even communicate, let known visit the other - and all "in the dark" about the others existance. That makes a very crowded Universe a very lonely place.

Now, throw away all the life forms which can NEVER evolve into space traveling beings, also toss humans in the pile along with the beings who are centuries away from deep space travel and "importantly" factor in the TIME ISSUE - that is, how many societies can manage deep space travel BEFORE it destroys itself along the way? Again, creating vessels capable of long distance travel is the NORMAL CONCEPTION of what happens; it may be the "image put into our heads" from reading too many comic books, but so far ALL of our Space Vehicles have spookily resembled those in the pages of Marvel Comics.

I think we need to get away from the SHIP conception and start looking for ways to send the spiritual/conscience being rather than the physical body into space - I think it is likely that our conscienceness is THE ONLY THING we have in common with other species any way! And if Out of Body Experience tells us anything, it is the only means to travel seemlessly in and out of time.

I know, what the "firetruck" are you talking about now Beemaster???!!! If you have ever read my www.beemaster.com/obe.html page you will have greater insight to where I am going with this. But our goverments spent billions of dollars during the Cold War trying to master OBE travel in "Think Labs" filled with men trying to "project" themselves into the war-rooms of the enemy. Even today major strides have been made and I'm sure many more billions are being spent to understand the relationship of the mind and body.

We are getting close to separating the two at will - it's not magic, it is science and there is a definite connection in the Angular Gyrus section of the brain. I hope everyone agrees that we are conscience creatures living in a physical body - I think most religions agree with that, although they may say it very differently. I believe 100% that the body is just a vessel for the human spirit, and the spirit is the real child of God, not the body.

If God created the Universe and I believe that is so - and it is filled with life, I have to assume there is a common thread and our "bodies" are just "adaptable vessels" which change in order to sustain life in our eviroment. The spiritual (and I still perfer Conscience being - it seems to offend less people, although I think there is no difference between conscience and spirit) but the spiritual being lives outside the body after death and when trama or purposeful or unintentional efforts are made to stimulate the separation of the two - the the conscience can leave the body safely and return at will.

So space travel, or the meeting of like creatures seems to me to be a conscience event, not a physical one and I think "that" GREATLY reduces the need for technology and the stress on humans - at least THAT is where I hope we start spending money, it surely sounds cheaper.


Have you ever had a strange or unexplainable event in your life? Ever see anything you can't explain, and don't let it stop at UFOs: this includes ghosts, and other strange events. I think MOST people have had stuff happen that defies common logic, but as I mentioned in that same previous post - just because you can't understand something, doesn't mean it can't be explained.

I'll post later a few interesting events in my life, just to hear your opinions on them. I wish I could say I had seen a UFO, I had not, but my Mother, Brother and a Friend all share an interesting experience which I'll detail soon.
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UFO or Paranormal Encounters - any stories to share?
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2004, 03:39:54 PM »
I think it rather arrogant of our species as a whole to believe that we are the only sentient creation that God has working in such a vast creation as we see around us.  
I'm a christian and have seen the work that god does through his spirit here on this earth.  much that cannot be explained by "science"  and nowhere in the christian bible does God see the need to explain what he might be doing elswhere in the universe what most religious dogma overlooks is the fact that our bible was written for the needs of mankind and therefore doesn't go into things beyond our own needs.
I have been involved in other disciplines seeking higher conciousness and seen things that I can't explain rationally.  there is a spirit realm out there that if most of us could see into it would scare the **** out of us.  and a power in that dimension that we only barely understand.  for those who seek him God will reveal as much of that realm as is needed for our benefit and ability to handle.  I once heard an arguement concerning technology that went to the effect that we have the ability to do some amazing even dangerous things the question is should we.
I've gotten long winded on this one I hope I didn't confuse anyone any more thanI confused myself.
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