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Author Topic: The chase is on...  (Read 1045 times)

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The chase is on...
« on: May 23, 2008, 01:31:48 PM »

I was thrilled last night to see the Hummingbirds have arrived back after their winter trip South.   This is one of the pictures I took last year as I was going through my older pictures of them.  I only caught some silhouettes last night as they were on the porch quite late in the evening.  I'm always so happy to see them back.  A sure sign that Summer is here :) 

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Re: The chase is on...
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2008, 01:32:34 PM »
Beautiful pics!  I love hummers.  Ours get here around St. Paddy's day mid March.  There are tons this year, more hens so far, not as many males. It's so fun to watch em squabble, 1 male trying to patrol the whole area, sound like little fighter planes! Speaking of birds..better get out & refill all the feeders!  Jody
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