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Author Topic: ONE OF OUR ASTRALIAN MEMBERS GEOFF is in the United States for a Country tour  (Read 1614 times)

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To Everyone - I hope Geoff can find a little time to keep us all posted as Geoff tours the US in aproximately 30 days. AND.. He is INCLUDING LAKEHURST, NJ (the headquarters of Beemaster International - lol) and we will make a day of it, I'd love to get Geoff INSO
IDE Hangar Number One which held the Hindenburg 12 time in 1936, never to reenter those same doors again in 1937. Also show him my Power Plant Guy, Geoff is a Power Gerations Guy, in many ways very similar to my job - he will be tickled to see what things I'm allowed to show him :)

Last time we talked (Friday Evening here) Geoff was in San Fransico - where to next, I will find out. I hope he sees the many treasures of the United States, the place citizens call God's hope for a brighter future" and I would love to spend timein the Air and Space Museum, especially now that the Shuttle used for the"Glider appoarch testing, seeing if from THOUSAND of feet up and at very good speeds the automatic instumentation can land (what is ecentually) a flying brick, those wings aren't much help to that returning "Orbitor" as it is called.
Why am I talking about the Space Shuttle??? Oh, yeah - np matter what Geoff sees, there will be a thousand that equal it in our wonderous country. A man would need a thousand lives to see it and and Geoff has 30 days - I'm sure he will use his time wisely.

So Geoff has connectivity to his compter, last ight he was in Ventril Voice chat for quite a while, talking to us as if in the same room - and it was a cable connect, many hotels are Wi-Fi and that should be interesting too. Welcome to the States Mate, I'm honored your soles have touched our soil, your friend,


Here is the video I did for Geoff and Everyone HOLDING a gigantic book with full detailed color illustartions - and I had just bought my digital camcorder - this was my VERY FIRST Youtube Vidio

And a few shots of the Hindenburg entering and inside Hanagar One. I just want you to pay close attention in BOTH PICs how small people are compared to this mighty air ship. I'm fortuninated enough to be in here every day - it looks a bit different on the inside, but you sure cant image the size of the great Air Ships. I always look from end to and just pondering how my Mother was a baby in her mama's womb and as the Hindenburg pulled into LAkehurst, my Grandmom watched from her diner main step and watched the great explosion happen. In a game of 6 degrees of the Hindenburg, that ain't bad! 7 months and a week or more later my Mother was born, by then ever ounce of the Hindenburg was collected by locals. The Germans wanted nothing of the greatest machine to ever do Trans-Continental travel (knocking weeks off ship travel) they said to scrap the whole thing.

History is interesting. We now fly unmanned blimps around the base, doing high-tech thingys. I saw a Discovery show with some car speed detectors and full hi-def long range day and night vision. Many cities are adding medium altutude blimps for police survalance - imagine 100 controlled by the ground operator and it can stay up for weeks and even months - if all that is needed as small power usage bumps, they can recharge on solar power. Still uses fuel, so the come down because mos are still manned, and other flying for survalance, the need to top off like the rest of us.

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If he's coming through Omaha, he's welcome to stop by...
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John, has that was your little surprise you were talking about.  How nice that Geoff is coming to see our great country.  There is so much that he will see it will make his head spin.  AND....he gets to come up and spend a day with you, what a great day and time that will be.  Have the best of this wonderful, awesome day, Cindi
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Is he going to be around Boston?  We'd be happy to see him!

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Well, if he's traveling through the South would love to have him stop by.  He's welcome to stay in either the Motorhome or RV Trailer for as long as he likes. :) Hay season starts soon and we can always spare the time to teach someone from "Down Under" how we do it. :)

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Thank you all for the welcome. I am having trouble getting past San Francisco as the hospitality has been overwhelming.

As the pic shows the scenery has been great everyday.
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