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Author Topic: Richard and Titan  (Read 1033 times)

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Richard and Titan
« on: April 10, 2008, 10:28:02 AM »
Richard is my turkey.  Richard likes to give the dogs a run for their money around here.  Titan is my Daughter's pittbull, my partner in crime.  Titan is always by my side working, that is the trait of the pittbull, working dogs.  He is a dog built of nothing but muscle and bone, and lots and lots of brains, smarter than what you could ever believe.  When I am outside working, Titan is never more than a few feet from me, waiting and waiting for some work to do.  That work generally is chasing after stuff that I throw for him.  He is amazing when it comes to him shaking the living daylights out of grass sods and big weed clumps.  He lives for working.

A while back it was a sunny day (oh, now when was that anyways?), Titan was outside working with me.  I was digging some winter muck out of the ditch that I had dug across our property for drainage.  It is about 2 feet deep by about 1 foot wide and has a very nice little creek of run off that always drains through.  The chickens, ducks and turkeys had been let out of their chickenyards to do some work with me too.  They are amazing at finding slugs, bugs, small weeds and aerating the soil.  My companions outside too.  The dogs don't bother any of the barnyard critters, they all have a deep respect for each other.

Titan was close to me and Richard decided that he would come over to see what I was up to.  Turkeys are incredibly wonderful and nosey critters.  The more that I get to know these beauties of Mother Nature, the more that I want to get to know them.  Titan was busy looking at the earth, awaiting that next clump of stuff that I would throw.  Richard decided that Titan was probably going to do something nasty to me and decided that he would come to protect me.  (well, that is what I think he was doing anyways, hee, hee).  Titan looked up and saw Richard coming over to me and he got rather freaked out.  Titan kind of looked at Richard and Richard looked at him.  Whomp, up go Richard's feathers all fluffed up, making that sound that comes from deep within his throat.  Titan just sort of looked at stalked him for a moment.  I told Titan no and he took off.  Richard must have scared the crap out of him when he became twice as big as he normally looks and made that whomping sound.  Now, Titan does not like to get into trouble over anything.  So, when Richard left the scene, Titan just kind of laid on the ground, waiting for me to tell him things were OK and he was not in trouble.  I did that after about one minute, and we were back to work.

Yesterday I was doing more work outside, making a 100 foot 1 inch chicken wire fence alongside the southern neighbours property.  The Khaki Campbell duck and slipped under the livestock fencing.  I had to contain her so that she couldn't get out again.  Titan was out there working with me again.

Richard, being that nosey ol' turkey that he is, came over to see what I was up to.  Well, Titan had had enough of him that day when Richard had stalked him and Titan came over beside me, putting his head and body between my legs and shaking and quiverring.  I think he was afraid that Richard may stalk him again.  I reassured him that it was OK and he took on his "Titan stance" of being on-guard for any sticks or weeds that might get thrown his way.  He felt happy that I was protecting him from this great big ol' bird, that he thought for surely was going to attack him.  My Titan, my pal, Richard, my nosey ol' pal, too.  Have the most beautiful and wonderful day, love our lives we live. Cindi

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Re: Richard and Titan
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2008, 04:39:01 PM »

I am with you about the amazement that animals provide us humans. I have a dog like that, one that follows me everywhere while working on our place. We don't have any other animals (except for the wild kind) up there so I am not sure how she would do around them. What a wonderful companion they make. I find myself talking to her on a regular basis.

Have a great spring with your garden and friends!