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Author Topic: It's Morel time  (Read 1109 times)

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It's Morel time
« on: April 08, 2008, 06:03:24 PM »
I was just curious if there is anyone else on the forums that hunts morel mushrooms.  It's that time of year here in east central Missouri and I know I'll be out at my parents farm scouring the woods with them for some of these tasty morsels once again covering all the usual secret spots and looking for new ones around the ash's and elms.  There are few things I like better that breaded and pan fried morels or the rare and delicious omelet with morels as the primary filler.  I have many a good childhood memory scouring wooded areas with my parents.  Does anyone else take part in this delicious spring event?

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Re: It's Morel time
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 06:57:08 PM »

Yea I have chased the elusive mushroom since a kid going w/my dad. We went for what we called cossaks, they are quite big and have an orange cap and white stem w/black like short hairs on stem which distinguishes them from the mildly hallucinogenic aminita's (sp?) that look similar.

Also ones like oyster mushroom that I don't know the anglo or proper name for and a field mushroom that mainly is found where horses have been and they look like those white mushrooms in the groc. store only huge.

Morels here are best found in low wet areas and especially like blueberries where there has been a forest fire.

I missed my shot at a candle on ebay that the guy must have made a mold of a real morel mushroom. I was going to use it to make a mold out of it and make beeswax candles as was so unique. But being kinda a cheapskate the old butthole slammed shut and was outbid   lol. But if find some nice ones this summer again will try to make a mold of.

Unfortunately will be awhile as there is still snow on ground.

But tomorrow will be 45-50°F here so girls go out of cold storage and outside    Yipeee!!!!! been a long winter wait    lol