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Author Topic: Knowledge, feelings, fright and mystery  (Read 1665 times)

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Knowledge, feelings, fright and mystery
« on: November 04, 2004, 03:00:43 AM »
This forum has much beginners. I calculate that beginner has  under 5 years experience. There is a lot of knowledge, but every one must  see with their own eyes how bee colonies develope in different or same way through the seasons.

Over wintering seems to be a mystery. It is easy to see.  Mystery comes from frights and feelings.  Mystery is revealed with experience and knowledge.

Varroa mites seems to rise upp feelings, but in reality it is really one of the most easiest matter in beekeeping. (sometimes not)

Why I write this? - I can see in this forum, that feelings quide in many cases operations. Teacher's like feelings. It is so easy.  How much honey for winter, it is feelings matter. I know that bees survive with mere sugar though winter very well, but to say it, it is not what listener want to hear.

What a about if you get 40 lbs more honey from hive? - It is easy, if you change it to winter sugar.

After 42 beekeeping years I have learned durin last year a lot new things when I start to communicate in Finnish beekeepers forum. Also 2 years ago I lost 60% my colinies, but afterwards it was bless, because I was obliged to take in use that kind of new tricks that in normal situations I would be too lazy to react to knowledge.

valuable things were during 2 years

1) I found that I have apistant resistant varroa
2) I took in use acid handling: oxalic acid and formic acid
3) I took into use terrarium heaters at spring
4) I substituted  75% feeded pollen with yeast and soya flour (=money)
5) I returned to italians after 10  Krainian years because of swarming.
6) How to take 200 lbs hives on car cart (?) and change to the better pastures in the middle of summer.
7) I learned the course how colony develope during the spring. Before that I did not care.

I do remember when I have had so much changes in short time?

But the backround of these changes is 10 years experience and I saw that things are not in good condition.  When I faced the catastrofy it was time to change things.

I was frigtened  many times, how things will succeed! - YES, they went quite well.

I have written to Finnish bee forum, and many  feel atrocity
what I am doing with my bees. But I do not ask nothing from bees.

 Beekeping is in many cases a matter of feelings. It hinders getting knowledge.  there is many variations in nursing. Many make obligatory tricks to they hives, did they needed them or not.  They are too lazy to open hives and see, is that needed.

Yes beginners! Try to get knowledge and let the feeleings bee. And if you are afraid, go and ask. Someone  helps you. You get wrong adwises, but ask from many and STILL, MAKE WORK TO USE YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING!.


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Knowledge, feelings, fright and mystery
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2004, 08:34:18 AM »
As a very new and green bee keeper I agree on the advice to learn, learn and learn some more. Don't be afraid to ask questions or try new ideas. This year has been such a huge learning experince for me. First the people here have taught me much, even though it was another person that asked the question. From club members and my own bees I have progressed by leaps & bounds in Knowlege.
Many of us in the club are now using the inter cover with the vent hole running oppsite of the frames so we can see more frames with out disturbing the bees. Most feel it has helped with this years dismal honey crop because the hive workers are not disturbed as much. Don't be afraid to try some thing new is what I am saying I guess.

I not only have the enjoyment of sitting by the hives and watching the girls with their dayly dutys. I have discovered the joys of captureing a swarm and the satifaction of seeing that colony grow.
Can it get better than that? NO!!!! I think not.

 :D Al

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Plastic Hives
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2004, 02:14:28 AM »
Talking of things  NEW. I attended  the" Feria de Miel Andaluza" or the Andaluciian Honey Fair in Granada Spain over the weekend and a company from Finland had some lightweight, styrofoam like hives for sale.... saying they are verp popular in Finland... how would you compare them to conventional wooden hives????????????????????????l