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Author Topic: Whoppo (Muscovy drake) and Abigail (turkey hen)  (Read 940 times)

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Whoppo (Muscovy drake) and Abigail (turkey hen)
« on: March 19, 2008, 10:06:13 AM »
Recently Abigail who is one of my turkey hens has decided that there has been enough of Whoppo (the Muscovy drake) trying to intimidate me when she is around.  Angi told me that female turkeys will, if they like you, take you into their flock and will protect you. Well, I guess Abigail likes me, because when Whoppo is hissing and trying to intimidate me, she walks around him over and over putting her face really close to his face and she makes like what I could describe as a purring sound.  Time and time again I have seen her do this and Whoppo heads off into the wild blue yonder, with her (and sometimes the other turkey hen, Madeline) hot on his tracks.  She really does do a good job of heading him off and away from me.  Yeah for Abigail, she must be one tough ol' broad.

The picture shows her looking at Whoppo, getting that thought into her mind that she is gonna get him headed off.

Abigail hot on Whoppo's tracks

Whoppo with his head feathers standing straight up, this is when you know he is really annoyed and usually is thinking that I shouldn't be here!!!

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