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Author Topic: Finally THREE HUNDRED real members  (Read 1513 times)

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Finally THREE HUNDRED real members
« on: October 18, 2004, 06:43:37 PM »
Howdy All....

I guess you all have noticed that we've had membership rise and fall several times lately just above the 300 mark and right back down again - I've mentioned before that SPAM ROBOTS (or whatever they call them today) have popped about a dozen "Generated, non-exisitant" members into the forum - that siad, I think all the phoney ones are gone and we have ACTUALLY reached the three hundred mark and just days prior8th month forum birthdate.

I'm happy to say we got here through quality NOT quanity membership. The posts in the forum are enjoyed greatly by MOST of the membership on a daily and even MULTI-DAILY viewing schedule. I'm honored to be a member with so many variations of beekeepers among us.

So happy 300th Member goes to AUSSIEB from Brisbane, Australia who I assume is going into Summer right about now - which makes us Yanks a bit envious as we are NOT looking forward to our Winter as usual.

Of course, that's just me talking and I'm not a Winter Lover, I tend to hibernate until Spring - I'm not a skiier, snow mobiler or any of those cold sports kinda guy. I like my RVing around in warm weather, seeing the mountains with leaves on the trees, not snow on the bare branches.

Again welcome all new members and I hope you enjoy it as much as all the rest of us do.
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Finally THREE HUNDRED real members
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2004, 07:10:03 PM »
You went and built it and they came!
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