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Author Topic: Spring is really here!! UGH!??  (Read 735 times)

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Spring is really here!! UGH!??
« on: March 10, 2008, 01:49:49 AM »
Was a beautiful afternoon, warm & pleasant so I took Haley (my horse) out off with the blanket & brushed her. Once she was all clean & pretty in came the mosquitos!!! :shock: :-x aakkk  soo early!  Then checked my slug taverns...FULL of baby slugs..As I was filling the horse trough something didn't look right it was a squirrel...you know, like when Kevin Costner saw the elk head in Dances with Wolves.  At least it hadn't been there too long as it was still stiff & recognizable, they are amazingly heavy to fish out. BUT the vinca is blooming, buds on the dandilions, marginal pond plants shooting up, evening primrose coming up, leaf buds all over the lilac, japanese quince budding, roses shooting, & those wild bushes with the bright green leaves & little hanging greenish white flowers that bloom right before the humming birds come back!  Here it's a bit before or after St. Patricks day so tomorrow I dig out the feeders.  Pilated Woodpeckers were out & calling all afternoon too! So I guess the good outweighed the bugs & dumb rodents! Soooo glad to live here on the west coast!!..well, maybe except for the volcanoes & earthquakes!! :roll:
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Re: Spring is really here!! UGH!??
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2008, 10:25:29 AM »
Jody, ooooh you are a beautiful writer.  You took me right to your place with you in my mind's eye, lovely. 
& those wild bushes with the bright green leaves & little hanging greenish white flowers that bloom right before the humming birds come back

I think that bush that you are talking about may be the salmon berry?  You and I are both in the PNW and those are beautiful bushes when they begin to bloom.  You do have salmon berry there, don't you?

Eeeks that darn squirrel, I bet it was trying to get a drink from the trough and fell in, dumb eh?

Sometimes when I hear of horses, I yearn to have a horse again, I love the scent of the beast and their breath is just as nice.  Nope, I think a cow chewing on grass is even nicer, I love those smells.

I can remember my Grandma's ol' cow, her name was Daisy, imagine that, how original, but Daisy it was.  I would hang around Daisy and watch her, I loved to watch her.  My memory can't recall exactly her breed, but she was brown, I am thinking she was Jersey, but in a child's mind, she was just a lovely cow.  When I would hang around Daisy while she was grazing, I could smell her cow breath, I can still taste the cow milk, warm still after my Grandma milked her.  Oh, those childhood memories, they take me to wonderful places in my mind.

I try with all my heart to instill beautiful memories for the children that I am so privy to have a special place in their lives.  My Grandsons and Nieces and Nephews love me to pieces.  We share the same property, my Sister and her clan are temporarily living here, that is OK, they will one day move to their own place, but for now we share and work the land.  My Daughter and hers live here permanently in a beautiful mobile home that my Husband and hers had constructed a wonderful addition to.  I am a lucky woman.  Children are the joy of life, and we should be honoured to help to raise these little dudes and gals to wonderful parents that will raise their little dudes and gals.  Oh dear, I am ramblin'.  I get caught up in some beautiful thoughts of my family and the children.  I am Auntie to many many kids, I have 4 Brothers and Sisters, two of each, and each of them have at least 4-6 children and the children have children too, I am also known as   a Great Auntie.  Now that makes me feel old, although I really am not, I am 55, coming up 56 in October.

See what I mean?  I ramble, and I just can't help it, Jody, this started out as a thread from you, I am sorry that I took off on it and got so self-centred, hee, hee, smiling,  :shock: ;) :)  Have a wonderful and beautiful day, enjoy that lovely mare that I know she is.  Got any pictures?  Cindi
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